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goddardroThe self proclaimed Princess of Ohio has warned me that if I intend to visit the state of Ohio for ANY reason, I would be hit with a restraining order.

I guess this person, who is NOT a US citizen, by the way, does not understand that this is NOT The Soviet Union, Russia, or even the former East Germany.

I cannot find any law anywhere either in the United States, The State of Ohio or ANY city within the State of Ohio that would prohibit me from going there for any legal purpose that I choose.

Now Goddard might argue that I am coming there to seek her out  and do harm to her.


First of all, I have no clue as to where she lives. For all anyone knows, she may not even be in the state of Ohio.

Second of all, she is not worth risking going to jail or otherwise do anything that would cause her to make my life more miserable than it already is.

Goddard’s statement is also rather odd since she and her entourage claim that I do not even make the trips I discuss on my Twitter account that they bypass blocks to read.

It is also strange that she would make this threat considering the size of the State of Ohio and the size of the city where she claims to live.

But, then again, she needs to generate attention to that website of hers, the one with the donate button in the top right hand corner.

Stay Tuned