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mcoI am making progress preparing my upcoming live stream of my e-trip. The dates of the trip have been finalized and I will announce the beginning of the stream the day before departure.

The scheduled start time will be at 5:00 AM on the date of the departure. At this time I am planning to use my Youtube Live channel as the stream site. I will also be streaming on my Younow channel as well as sending short videos to my Twitter account when unable to live stream.

All notifications will be sent to my Murtwitnessone Twitter account.

I will also be recording portions of the trip on both of my smartphones and Gopro for uploading when at the motel.

This will be a three day webcast. Most of the webcast will consist of the trip to and from the destination city. As of now, the e-trip is slated to be for three days. 

There will be times during the e-trip where I log off for short periods and then log back on again. This is due to things like going through TSA screening and while in flight (the live portions) since this flight may not have wi fi available. Any in flight portions of the e-trip will be still images or recorded videos.

I hope to do more “as it happens” live streams that will be Central Florida based in the months to come.

Stay tuned