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There is a rumor circulating that at least one of the major political conventions to be held this summer may be broadcast in 360 degree Virtual Reality multimedia.

dncphilyIt would be the first time that either the Republican or Democratic parties would be the site of this leading edge way of broadcasting their event.

If this rumor turns out to be true, it may draw a new and unique audience to the event and may even draw a new spectrum of voters to the polls this fall.

jauntMost of the viewers of VR content tend to be younger, more affluent and more politically active. There is no specific information I can find as of yet as to the political leanings of those who are heavy VR content viewers so it is hard to say which convention would be the likeliest one to be the first to do a VR broadcast.

It would certainly be something to watch since it would be one of those events that would show just how real VR can be.

Perhaps someone in the know can enlighten us if this is just a rumor or is there someone about to make political history as well as VR history.

Stay Tuned