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donate.jpgI have learned from someone who is NOT banned from the AG hate blog and forum combination that the reason I might have been banned from her website may not have anything to do with her stalking claims against me but, instead, to keep me from finding out that she is actually making money off of the claims she has been making against me and even her family for years.

Those who are not banned from AG’s website might notice in the top right hand corner an icon with the word DONATE. It turns out that AG has installed a way for people to donate MONEY to her through her website.

I have nothing against people making money. It is the American way. What I DO have a problem with is AG making money off of LIES and also being a HYPOCRITE.

One of the main reasons AG started attacking me almost a decade ago was her absurd claim that I started webcasting the search for Caylee Anthony in order to make money.

zazzleAs it turns out AG has been doing something similar for years. Not only has she placed a donation solicitation icon on her website, she has also set up a number of on line store fronts where people can buy t shirts, coffee mugs and assorted junk.

Making money off of hate is easy. Publications such as the Globe, Weekly world news, and the National Enquirer have been doing so for years.

My being banned off of her website probably had more to do with garnering readers to the site and less than spewing her nonsensical accusations against me, Donna, Deric and others.

Look up the term “click bait” and see how she generates revenue through site visits.

As far as making money off the backs of crime victims, there is the massive website that rakes in an enormous amount of money.

AG also keeps close track of just who visits her website and anyone who knows anything about the internet will understand that information of that sort often winds up being sold to customers who use that information to direct targeted and unwanted spam toward unsuspecting visitors to various websites.

It would seem that those who still have not been banned from the AG website may be allowed there for a price.

Stay tuned