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Well, May Madness started a bit early with the appearance of yet another troll sock account. This troll turned out to be a bit different. In the past there have been the “defender” trolls who claimed to have had an agenda against a certain number of people.

By sheer coincidence, the certain number of people happened to be the same ones that were trolling me and who were my haters. The premise was always the same. The trolls had been the victim of a specific person for years.

There were slight variations as to what the reason was with each troll but the same names kept popping up. Along with the names would come bits and pieces of information about each of them.

The information was generally the same with each of the trolls. The same acts of misconduct, the same accusations over and over again and the same pictures over and over again.

If there were any legal problems with the perceived mutual enemy, the trolls would be more than happy to provide the records without me even having to ask for them.

The information would come pouring into my inbox unsolicited on an almost daily basis. It was rare that a day went by without some new gem would show up.

It was obvious to me from the beginning some years back (this nonsense has been going on for several years) that these trolls were not some kind new allies, but instead, was the same someone playing games for their own demented reasons.

There soon developed a pattern of a troll coming along befriending me and asking me to join in a smear campaign against the same people over and over again.

I would voice my objection to the troll’s planned actions and a discussion would always take place. After a while, the troll would become frustrated, throw a temper tantrum and deactivate their account.

Not long afterword, another sock account would show up and the “new” troll would go down this same path and things would end exactly the same.

Now the troll must have thought “she” had me fooled with all the variations of the theme she kept coming up with.

“She” must have thought that “she” was fooling me into thinking that “she” was a different person who happened to be acquainted with the former sock trolls or at least had the same things in common.

The mistake the troll made at the onset of it’s sock accounts is that there was always a pattern, a similarity between all of the sock accounts that immediately made me aware that it was the same person behind all of the accounts.

First and foremost was the declaration of wealth. The sock account almost at the onset of contact bragged about how much money they had. The socks lived in areas populated by wealthy individuals. The socks had time shares, expensive condos, took trips to exotic places. The socks also had close dealings with a certain lawyer from Florida’

Another “fact” that always showed up in it’s resume is that the troll was a woman. “She” was almost always middle aged and married with at least one offspring.

It is that final “fact” every sock account would interject that gave the troll away. The socks were almost always from Florida.

The wealth gambit was a nice touch as the troll seemed to think it could reel me in by implying that funds would be available if needed.

The troll soon found out that it guessed wrong and that the money gambit did not work. The one or two times the troll offered me money, I turned it down flat.

I became the audience of the troll, reading it’s messages to me like a serial novel, waiting to see what the next chapter would be and waiting for a new troll to appear like a sequel with the same characters but with a new adventure to follow.

The latest sock account that appeared on the last day of April is, of course, the same troll. The pattern is exactly the same. The troll made it clear that it has money and lots of it.

The troll claims it had enough money to waste to spend on expensive private detectives to keep track of my every move. The troll made it clear that it had enough money to engage in legal actions on the behalf of a number of people in the event that I did not “Stand down.”

This time around the troll came up with an interesting twist to it’s previous incarnations. It came up with a list of people that I am supposed to “leave alone.”

The list, interestingly enough includes BOTH SIDES in the ongoing internet ( mainly Twitter) civil war.

Some of the people on the list are bitter enemies of each other and some of the people on that list are those I am accused of helping at one time or another.

This interesting little fact seems to have gone over the heads of my haters at least for now. It is now clear that this new sock account by this same troll is playing everyone.

I am not sure how this little game is going to play out. I am going to sit back and watch as this new troll posts items at my expense to gain the confidence and trust of my haters,

I have already seen that the bloated egos of my haters are allowing them to fall into whatever trap this troll is setting up. Their ignorance will not allow them to see the folly in going along with this troll and it will likely be too late for them when they finally realize that they had been taken for the fools that they are.

I will watch all of this play out and rejoice on the day when I am proven right.

Stay tuned