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impersonatorofmeSomeone sent me an e-mail and asked me if I had anything to do with these posts. The answer, of course is no. When I asked where this image came from I was told it was on Michelle McKee’s Twitter account.

First and foremost these are not my postings. Also the name used in the tweets make absolutely no sense.

I have no idea how the >K was made. I also do not know the meaning of the 36 used. Perhaps Michelle can enlighten me as to where that header came from? I could not find anywhere that I have ever used that reference and have no idea what it means.

MANY people on Twitter know how easy it is to hack a Twitter account. Levi Page once posted his account was hacked and a number of people that Michelle knows have admitted on line to having their Twitter accounts hacked.

Now, I will be waiting for Michelle to show proof that this is my ACTUAL account and also provide the dates these were posted since it was missing from the screen shots.

As with my prior requests from Alexandra Goddard, I doubt that Michelle will provide the proof since she has none to begin with. It is more than likely that her or one of her “followers” created the posts using an image editing utility such as Paint or Photoshop. There are a number of people (one in Ohio) who have shown the ability to create false content.

Stay tuned