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I always get a kick as to how absolutely stupid my haters are. One example is two that are what has to be the two stupidest bloggers on the planet.



For as long as I can remember these two morons have been trying to pin any number of anonymous accounts on me as my so called sock accounts.


In a way, I suppose I should take it as a compliment for if I was, in fact, the creator of these various socks, I would have been shown to have a lot of creativity and talent.

In order to create all of the anonymous accounts that have the two idiots have claimed were made and operated by me, a lot of diverse knowledge and the ability to cross utilize a large number of varying factors.

Each anonymous account has their own personality, likes and dislikes. To artificially crate such diverse personalities takes a great deal of knowledge of human behavior and the same kind of talent that an author like, for instance Stephen King.


The truth of the matter, however, is that I do NOT have that kind of talent. Not even close.

Their speculation that I would go through such extremes as to create these countless anonymous and diverse personalities demonstrates just egotistical and self important these two idiots think they are.

Never have I ever met such self centered and egotistical moronic individuals as these two and the moronic lemmings that believe their tin hat nonsense.


trumpEven Donald Trump does not have the kind of bloated ego that this pair has.

Or are they one?

Stay tuned