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Since there are haters out there who want to engage in no holds barred actions on the internet, I am forced to make the following statement:

Over the years I have voiced my strong objection by those who have come to my defense and support to publishing a number of images of my haters and their supporters as well as bringing into the disputes the friends, offspring, siblings, parents and or guardians and other significant others associated with the haters.

I have also objected to the contacting of current and potential employers of these individuals even though they have time and again engaged in this conduct towards me and others.

I can no longer in good conscience stand by and hold my supporters and friends to a high moral and ethical standard while their attackers refuse to do the same.

I hereby apologize to Astro, Murt Protector, Hater of Bullies, Sammy and the others with whom I engaged in heated debates with to encourage you not to do the same things the haters have been doing for years. I regret that I have lost your support for taking a stand that in hindsight was neither fair or practical for you to adhere to when you were subject to a relentless hate campaign by those with no moral or ethical standards.

As far as I am concerned, my friends and supporters are free to do as they wish regardless of that that may be.

I will not go as far as to condone everything that they may post to the internet or do in order to play by the rules of the haters and respond to them in kind.

I will not, however, do anything to discourage whatever actions they may take either.

The haters will have only themselves to blame for what may come next.


Stay Tuned