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I was accused recently, of all things, texting while driving during one of my webcasts. This is something I both do NOT do and is not necessary for me TO do.

So what is the law in Florida regarding texting while driving? Texting while driving is prohibited while READING text is in something of a gray area as it is not specifically prohibited but not encouraged.

It is considered a moving violation. It is also considered a SECONDARY violation which means you must be caught doing something else wrong, such as speeding or other moving violation.


I have been webcasting mobile for years and there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are engaging in this form of webcasting right now, including the vast majority of mainstream media outlets.


Anyone who owns a GPS that you stick on your windshield knows how hard it is to read text on one of them. It is much harder to do so on a smartphone, which is the current way I webcast.

The way I go about setting up my mobile webcasts is fairly simple. I log into my webcast site and start broadcasting while parked. It is virtually impossible to do this while moving. The logistics involved in going through the process of going on the air is complicated and quite dangerous to do while operating a vehicle.

The phone is not in my hand as the danger of webcasting this way is quite obvious. There is also the poor video quality of streaming video images on a smart phone that is not in a fixed location. The images wind up being shaky and are uncomfortable to watch.

iphonemountedInstead, I use a dashboard mount that holds the smartphone in place. This allows me hands free communications (which IS allowed under the laws in most locations) and there is no need to manually enter text as I can talk to my audience.


I am also using a GO PRO camera that is mounted on the vehicle I drive. When mobile broadcasting, the viewer does not see me (except for the brief time I am turning on the phone while stationary) but will see the road ahead as I go to and from various locations.

dcvideoThe images are similar to what one sees when watching dash cam videos on youtube and elsewhere on the internet.

Those of you who may decide to do your own mobile webcasting might want to check the laws where you live to be certain you do not wind up getting a ticket or worse.

This kind of webcasting can be done safely if you take the time to learn how to do so properly.

Stay tuned