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Monthly Archives: May 2016


As an addition to my prior article I am struck at how the haters seem to be plotting to have me fired from the job I am supposed to have.

pdelivery.jpgThis reminds me of the efforts that have been made to get Tim Holmseth fired from his Pizza delivery job. Sometimes the trolls are hard to figure out.

ssicard.jpgThese trolls have been complaining for YEARS that I am sitting at home doing nothing and mooching off of their tax monies by drawing Social Security (even though at least two of them have been on Social Security for years.)

They also accuse me of having an EBT card (the new name for getting food stamps) and thus getting my groceries for free.

Now, according to them I have a job which would mean that I would NOT be eligible for food stamps and would also be paying INCOME TAX on the earnings as well as social security taxes and welfare taxes that would be levied on that income.

It would seem, however, that these insane trolls want me to “go back” to getting the EBT and other benefits from the government they claim I am getting and that THEY would once again be paying for those benefits through the taxes they pay while WORKING.


While the trolls are working hard to feed me, I will be watching Hulu and Netflix.

Stay tuned



Breaking news!!! The haters who insist on reading my twitter account from which they are BLOCKED are now claiming I have a job!

hertzApparently I am working at MCO! (That is the designation for The Orlando International Airport) As a “rental car return driver”

IF that is the case, they can quit the pissing and moaning about me NOT having a job and mooching off of the government.

snapcardThat is, of course, unless they succeed with their plans to get me FIRED with their false accusations which means I will have to “go back” to mooching off of the government and then THEY can pay my expenses “again.”

People who are employed are NOT qualified to obtain an EBT card if they are single with no dependents.

vestvestaApparently the clothes I wear resemble those worn by car rental return drivers. Oh really?? I happened to look at the “uniforms” worn by some employees at those agencies and notice that all of them wear bright colored vests and identification badges that are required by virtually all airports throughout the country.

avisuniformSince the car rental agencies also wants the public to know that there are EMPLOYEES driving the cars they either are going to rent or have just rented, there are usually trademarked labels on the shirts identifying the car rental agency they work for.

hertzshirt.jpg I wonder if the people who have STOLEN my images have found any company trademarks anywhere on my shirt since I am supposed to be driving one of their cars while webcasting.

That would also mean that every white polo shirt sold at Walmart along with the Khaki cargo slacks I ware are exclusively for those in the Car Rental business.


whiteshirtmanI wonder if there is a law against people who do NOT work for Car rental agencies as rental car return drivers from wearing them.

Source of image:

targetuniformsOh, and that would mean that the Red shirts I wear with my slacks from time to time must mean that I work for Target or even Winn Dixie.

I guess certain color combinations of clothing worn by people means that they work for specific stores .

Perhaps Target should sue Walmart for selling their trademarked colors in their stores.

statefarmmanUmm, I could also be the dude at State Farm that gets called at 3 in the morning.

orlpoliceNow IF I have a job at the airport, I certainly would NOT be texting and driving. ANYONE who has been at ANY airport knows that they have tv cameras on every square inch of Airport property. cameraThere are also both city police and airport police constantly monitoring all activities on airport properties.

There might be a logical reason for me wearing these shirts that ANYONE who spends any amount of time outdoors in Florida.


It is fucking hot down there.

Right now while the temps in the rest of the country are averaging 50 at night and 70ish during the day, it is 90 frigging degrees down there. The common color worn in Florida for men, of my age, at least is WHITE. COTTON polo shirts are also preferred because white reflects heat rather than absorbs it and cotton “breathes” which is what helps one be a bit cooler than wearing dark colored or black clothes. The same holds true of light colored pants. Khaki pants which are a light tan color also reflects light and is comfortable to wear when outdoors in Florida or anywhere else where it is warm, for that matter.


Also the use of white shirts and tan pants when using chroma key is ideal as well, but that might be a bit too technical for the simple minded trolls to understand.

It is really amazing that these people are interested in my so called “e-trips. ” Considering the fact that it takes a bit of an effort to bypass my bans of them.

It is probably one reason I post about my trips in the first place because I know I have a built in audience even if that audience is a group of haters. I love playing these people like a fiddle. It is fun to sit back and watch their reactions to what I post.

It just goes to show the haters are more interested in my PERSONAL business then they claimed.

Stay tuned


Apparently, he, she, they, does not understand what is defamation and what is not. Once again Let me review what Goddard herself has claimed on her various posts:

In some posts, Goddard claims to be the daughter of a Viet Nam Veteran. She has posted mountains of information about him.

She has also claimed to be the daughter of a “coal miner.” She has also claimed to grow up in poverty without power or water.

What is also important is that she claims to be here on a resident visa and is NOT a citizen of the United States.

Not everyone knows her statement on her now defunct Beaconhell blog where she went into yet another version of who her father is.

The question remains for those recent arrivals on the scene is this: How can someone who has at least one American parent need to have a resident visa in order to remain in the United States?

It is a simple question she should have no problem answering since she has (according to the Atlanta blogger) answered these questions before. A simple link to the aforementioned information that is all that is needed.

Now what one might find curious is this daughter of an American coal miner is photographed in front of a woman that is supposed to be her mother in GERMANY as indicated by the building in the background and the license tag on the VW Beetle behind the people in the photo.

Since Goddard and her BFF have several decades worth of personal information of me and others stored in their various databases, it is only fair these questions be asked.

Stay tuned


goddardroThe self proclaimed Princess of Ohio has warned me that if I intend to visit the state of Ohio for ANY reason, I would be hit with a restraining order.

I guess this person, who is NOT a US citizen, by the way, does not understand that this is NOT The Soviet Union, Russia, or even the former East Germany.

I cannot find any law anywhere either in the United States, The State of Ohio or ANY city within the State of Ohio that would prohibit me from going there for any legal purpose that I choose.

Now Goddard might argue that I am coming there to seek her out  and do harm to her.


First of all, I have no clue as to where she lives. For all anyone knows, she may not even be in the state of Ohio.

Second of all, she is not worth risking going to jail or otherwise do anything that would cause her to make my life more miserable than it already is.

Goddard’s statement is also rather odd since she and her entourage claim that I do not even make the trips I discuss on my Twitter account that they bypass blocks to read.

It is also strange that she would make this threat considering the size of the State of Ohio and the size of the city where she claims to live.

But, then again, she needs to generate attention to that website of hers, the one with the donate button in the top right hand corner.

Stay Tuned


agapologyPeople have been messaging me with the question of who the heck is Deneale and why is she being accused of creating sock accounts on my behalf.

To answer this question, I need to go back a few years. Deneale is a woman who lives on the East coast of Florida. She got into a dispute with a woman she had a contract with and the dispute soon turned out to be an all out war between the two women.

Without getting into too much detail, I tried to intervene and settle the matter. At one point I had been asked to be a witness in a legal matter that one of the parties was pursuing against the other. Even though I agree to testify to what I knew as fact, this did not satisfy the party and matters for me got worse from there.

Then something interesting happened. One of my haters barged into the dispute and convinced one of the parties (the one I originally offered to testify for) to turn against me. The same hater tried to do the same with Deneale.

bennverifiedThen, Deneale did something that surprised both me and the haters. She happened to have a account and used it to do a background check on me.

She then published the results of the background check which showed that I had absolutely NO criminal record of any kind.

Deneale has been paying a price for being honest ever since. Not only have the haters turned against her accusing her of things she has not done but they also reported her to making the false claim that her background check of me was for renting a mobile home in a park she managed. has a rule prohibiting the use of their service for matters having to do with real estate or credit checks.

It took a good number of contacts with to clear that matter up.

Once that nonsense died down, Deneale has concentrated on her own life, minding her own business and having nothing to do with the haters and my problems with them.

For some demented reason Ms Goddard insists dragging this innocent woman into a dispute that she wants no part of.

It is typical of Goddard and the crowd of haters to partake in these kinds of actions as it fuels their need for attention.

Stay tuned


Astro is an interesting character, she has switched sides in the social media battle at least a dozen times in the past few years. She is better at the old flip flop than any politician out there. She certainly has George HW Bush beat in the flip flop department.


As of early today, Astro had published a negative bio about Goddard.

Then, after Goddard once again falsely accused me of creating sock accounts along with another woman whom has ignored the rants of her and the other bullies.


It is rather obvious now, why the sock that was attacking me and Goddard vanished suddenly. Once the “apology” was issued, the sock account vanished and Astro’s bio rant changed just as quickly. Goddard played her as she has done in the past.

It is interesting to note that Astro has changed her bio rant slightly now attacking Kim Pickazio for not coming to Goddard’s aid in regards to the alleged stalking.


I doubt that even an apology from Mrs. Pickazio would stop her attacks but I have been wrong about her before.

I still suspect that Goddard and the other haters have created the socks attacking them in order to have the excuse to attack me and other people who would prefer to be left alone.

But, as I have posted earlier, it is likely that Goddard is engaging in these actions for the purposes of generating “click bait” to her website so people might feel sorry for her and hit the donate button she has there or perhaps visit one of her on line store fronts.

It is becoming more and more obvious that Goddard is in this for the money and hate is a way to earn easy money without having to do much.

As of yet, NOBODY has yet to tie one single sock account to me or the other person Goddard has named. Judging how she parses her words, she knows her accusations are false and thus wording her accusations in such a way as to avoid legal liability.

Stay tuned




Well, well, well. Some people do not realize it when they wind up proving my point. In response to my prior blog article, Radio posted what it said was the original post IN CONTEXT proving a number of things.

maggotsThe first thing Radio has proven is that the content that Michelle posted was the result of some kind of tampering. The differences in the posts are quite clear and Michelle has yet to explain why.

The second thing Radio has proven in producing the Twitter post IN CONTEXT is that it was in response to a post it made. I was simply following the tone of posting that Radio is well known for.

Since there is no proof that Radio is even a real person, and also is a female, the significance of my post is greatly decreased.

The SECOND thing is that in the post that has not been tampered with, the URL of Radio’s original message is present which shows where and when the conversation originated. This information is missing from Michelle’s example.

Third, there is clearly a difference between the two examples. Again there is the icon with the >k36 Murt with the small icon. I have never changed my Murtwitnessone name as shown in the Radio sample.

The font of the text between the two examples are different. It might be well served to note that in the Michelle example, I was replying to a sock account.

A visit to the account in question indicates that whoever operates the account is just as guilty of snarky comments as anyone else.

Once again, I am waiting for Michelle to explain why there are the differences between what she posted and what Radio has posted.

Finally, it has to be noted that whenever these “women” engage in snarky remarks, they get all upset when those remarks are returned in kind.

By playing “the sex card” these woman are proving that they are NOT strong women but are the kind of women who feel they can say what they damn well please and then use their sex as a wall to hide behind.

They are, in fact, cowards.

Stay tuned


impersonatorofmeSomeone sent me an e-mail and asked me if I had anything to do with these posts. The answer, of course is no. When I asked where this image came from I was told it was on Michelle McKee’s Twitter account.

First and foremost these are not my postings. Also the name used in the tweets make absolutely no sense.

I have no idea how the >K was made. I also do not know the meaning of the 36 used. Perhaps Michelle can enlighten me as to where that header came from? I could not find anywhere that I have ever used that reference and have no idea what it means.

MANY people on Twitter know how easy it is to hack a Twitter account. Levi Page once posted his account was hacked and a number of people that Michelle knows have admitted on line to having their Twitter accounts hacked.

Now, I will be waiting for Michelle to show proof that this is my ACTUAL account and also provide the dates these were posted since it was missing from the screen shots.

As with my prior requests from Alexandra Goddard, I doubt that Michelle will provide the proof since she has none to begin with. It is more than likely that her or one of her “followers” created the posts using an image editing utility such as Paint or Photoshop. There are a number of people (one in Ohio) who have shown the ability to create false content.

Stay tuned


donate.jpgI have learned from someone who is NOT banned from the AG hate blog and forum combination that the reason I might have been banned from her website may not have anything to do with her stalking claims against me but, instead, to keep me from finding out that she is actually making money off of the claims she has been making against me and even her family for years.

Those who are not banned from AG’s website might notice in the top right hand corner an icon with the word DONATE. It turns out that AG has installed a way for people to donate MONEY to her through her website.

I have nothing against people making money. It is the American way. What I DO have a problem with is AG making money off of LIES and also being a HYPOCRITE.

One of the main reasons AG started attacking me almost a decade ago was her absurd claim that I started webcasting the search for Caylee Anthony in order to make money.

zazzleAs it turns out AG has been doing something similar for years. Not only has she placed a donation solicitation icon on her website, she has also set up a number of on line store fronts where people can buy t shirts, coffee mugs and assorted junk.

Making money off of hate is easy. Publications such as the Globe, Weekly world news, and the National Enquirer have been doing so for years.

My being banned off of her website probably had more to do with garnering readers to the site and less than spewing her nonsensical accusations against me, Donna, Deric and others.

Look up the term “click bait” and see how she generates revenue through site visits.

As far as making money off the backs of crime victims, there is the massive website that rakes in an enormous amount of money.

AG also keeps close track of just who visits her website and anyone who knows anything about the internet will understand that information of that sort often winds up being sold to customers who use that information to direct targeted and unwanted spam toward unsuspecting visitors to various websites.

It would seem that those who still have not been banned from the AG website may be allowed there for a price.

Stay tuned



According to my prominent stalker whose minions think she is right about everything, the latest sock trolling me is the infamous Astro_X of Twitter fame.

While there is no proof of this as the new troll seems to want to keep it’s identity a secret, there is the interesting twist that the troll seems to be against both sides to some extent.

It is accusing AG of faking her illness which I think is something outside the realm of common sense. I seriously doubt that even AG would pull such a stunt but since all accusations by socks are to be believed, there might be some truth in all of this.

After all, the sock has accused me of wanting to kill her dogs although this is certainly not true. The troll also makes some other accusations against my haters and since the troll also makes accusations against me, that must be true as well.

At least this troll, being an equal opportunity accuser spreads the accusations around among most of the players in the on line soap opera, thus spreading the guilt trip evenly among all of us.

If this turns out to be Astro, all the better since it is she that has all of those underwear photos the Tess troll keeps bringing up.

Stay tuned