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Monthly Archives: May 2016

My stalker has once again created a defamatory forum almost exclusively about me and once again banned me from seeing it. This is a stunt she pulled back in 2008 in which she posted highly personal and defamatory information about me.

She also used the secret forum to plot highly inappropriate actions against me and others she targeted including members of her own family.

This is how this coward works. She plots and schemes in secret, afraid to let the targets of her various schemes see what it is she has in store for them.

She may call me all sorts of names and accuse me of all sorts of things but this is where we differ. When I make a comment about her, here and elsewhere, I do so in the open and not in secret. NOBODY is banned from this blog.

I also do not hide behind sock accounts and hidden social media accounts. For those of you who are allowed access to her so called “secret” forum, you might want to bear that in mind when deciding who is the stalker and who it is that is being stalked.

Stay tuned


nashvilleFor some time now, I have partaken in the habit of posting about what my haters call my recent e-trips. In their twisted minds they cannot decide if the trips I post about are, in fact, made up, or if on the other hand, I am running around stalking people.

Take for instance my recent “e-trip” to Tennessee. For some strange reason my haters think I would travel hundreds of miles to go after a recent college graduate for some tweet and delete posts he made about me.


One individual discounted that I was in Tennessee because some people pictured were wearing “winter” clothes in the spring.

Another person stated that since I was in the state of Tennessee, I was stalking someone. This means that no matter what reason I may have to be in the same state or even the same city that someone lives in, it is proof that I am stalking that certain someone?

Now why these people are even reading an account they are blocked from is beyond me. These people have the firm belief that everything I write about on my Twitter account is about them and only them.

Their twisted logic or the lack of logic completely gives by these tin hat screwballs seems to give them the excuse to make some of the dumbest comments and blogs people ever seen on the internet.

What I post on Twitter that may be consider “subtweets” is not directed at my haters but, in fact, are intended for those who do not follow me because of the intimidation by my haters.

There are friends of mine who read my twitter account but do not follow it. I do the same with them. This way the haters do not know who these people are and thus cannot attack them for being my friends and supporters.

This has actually become a common practice on social media since small minded people will attack friends and supports of someone they hate simply for hate’s sake.

People are having to go to extreme lengths to hide who their friends and families are while at the same time coming up with convenient ways to communicate and interact with each other.

It is a sad commentary on society today but things are what they are and need to be dealt with by whatever means people feel necessary while still partaking in the rights they are entitled to.

So to be perfectly blunt, if a hater takes issue to where I claim to be, or whatever else I post on my social media accounts, then they can go fuck themselves.

My e-trips will continue to be posted along with else I feel like weather they like it or not.

Stay tuned


It is an easy thing for people to hide behind anonymous blogs and sock accounts when making accusations against people. It makes it easy to not be accountable for those statements and to be held liable for those comments as well.

It is also foolish for those who read those  comments to take as fact the accusations contained within when the person or persons making the anonymous provide no proof to back up their claims.

The acceptance as fact of the anonymous writings on blogs and the various social media accounts also point out the lack of ability of those to discern what common sense would dictate as being seriously flawed and false information being dispensed.

It is far to easy to believe a false accusation about someone you disagree with rather than to take the time to find out if the accusation is true or not.

Such blind acceptance of anonymous information simply because it supports your criticism of someone only points out your bias and lack of ability to look beyond it.

I could easily make my own sock accounts ( as I have been accused of doing time and again) but refuse to do so because it is the actions of the weak.

There are quite a number of my critics including my harshest ones who do NOT hide behind sock accounts and anonymous accounts, and for that they have my limited respect.

At least when they make false and outrageous statements about me and others, they put their name and reputation behind those statements no matter how wrong headed they may be.

I tend to dismiss claims by those who hide behind anonymous accounts even when the comments may support my side of things. I appreciate the support afforded by these anonymous accounts but I have to hold to my belief that when someone hides behind an anonymous identity, their writings deserve the same criticism I levy towards those who are my critics to whom I direct that same criticism.

Stay tuned



ontheairThe Atlanta blogger has written a blog article that I actually agree with. The problem, however, is that the blogger needs to examine it’s own actions.

The blogger accuses someone of attacking the sibling of someone well known on the internet. Based on the screen shots I saw, I have to agree that this was a highly inappropriate thing to be doing.

I have said over and over again that family members should not be brought into these on line disputes and it is something that I continue to have issues with.

The problem here is the Atlanta blogger should be looking at itself in the mirror when dispensing out this kind of advice.

One of the initial reasons I paid attention to the blogger in question was the relentless attacks against the friends and relatives of those the blogger had issues with.

The blogger also has the habit of detailing the personal lives of family members of it’s targets. The blogger has posted photos and personal information of family members without regard for their privacy rights and the potential damage and harm afforded to them by doing so.

The blogger has also turned a blind eye when it allows Guest authors and comments to utilize its blog to engage in the same kind of inappropriate actions.

In my case, the blogger had made many detrimental statements about my family that are far more horrendous than it’s latest blog pointed out in regards to the person it was writing about.

The blogger wrote claiming that I hated my son (my only child )and implied that I was glad he dead.

The blogger also claimed that I was not the the father of my son thus claiming he was a bastard and defaming the reputation of my wife by claiming she committed adultery.

Those who the blogger supports and whom claim it as someone to look up to have made detrimental remarks about anyone associated with me.

Others have reacted in kind under the opinion that since the blogger and others partake in these actions, they are free to abide by THEIR rules and do the exact same thing.

Hate begets hate and is the reason things are they way they are today.

Perhaps on this Mother’s day, all the parties involved in these disputes, regardless who they support and where they stand on various issues, might want to take pause and think of what SOME mother’s taught them as the proper way to conduct themselves in society.

Stay tuned


There have been many examples of how easy it is to produce fake internet content. The Trump taco hoax is an example of how elaborate this fake content can be.

Donald Trump posted a photo of him eating a taco in his office with a number of photos in the background:

A few minutes before I wrote this blog, I came across a post on Facebook that had this photo along with a number of others in a sort of mosaic. The implication of the photo was quite clear.

faketrumpphotoWhile this is an obvious hoax, there will be some out there that will believe these images are, in fact, real and may even claim the photo that Trump tweeted was the fake one.

This is one problem with things that get posted on the internet. It is hard to tell what is real and what is not.

One would hope that people would use a little common sense when deciding what is real and what is not. Sadly, a whole lot of people do not have common sense.

It is that defect that causes damage due to someone’s warped sense of humor.

Stay tuned


declarationofindependenceThe hater’s new “friend” finally said something that I have been saying for almost a decade, And I quote:

“It is not the business of anyone whether someone is employed or not. “

For a decade a certain group of haters have made my employment status as well as every aspect of my personal life THEIR business.

It is one thing to state that they disagree with what I say or do but quite another to try and sabotage how I earn a living regardless of how I choose to do so.

sscard.jpgIt is also my right NOT to work, if that is what I choose and to collect Social Security which is a right I actually paid for through both income and payroll taxes.

It was the primary reason for me being attacked. I was accused of using Caylee Anthony as a means to make money.

Goddard’s primary argument was that I was actively seeking donations during the height of my coverage of the search for Caylee Anthony.

That was not the case, of course, but it does bring up an interesting point.

One may not like people making money off of a missing child case, but in this country it is entirely legal to do so.

cnnHow does one think mainstream media is able to afford to spend the millions of dollars it takes to cover cases, some involving missing and exploited children?

The answer is quite simple, advertising. All those commercials selling everything from Iphones, to food, to insurance and even cars pay for that coverage.

Advertisers. or sponsors, pay huge sums of money for anywhere from 30 seconds to over a minute ads that appear on a mainstream media broadcast.

This method of making money off of missing children was copied by a number of social media true crime websites that include blogs, forums chats and webcasts.

Some of these venues are operated by the mainstream outlets while others are operated by individuals or groups of individuals with the same purpose in mind, to make MONEY.

For some reason, Alexandra Goddard through her blog, decided to dictate who could and who could not make money covering missing child cases.


She forgot the first amendment rights we enjoy in this country as well as the main provision in our constitution and bill of rights and I quite:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


This means, quite simply, that people are free to do what they damn well please, within the law, to do whatever they want which includes how they make their living.

This does include people who might do so who seek donations for writing blogs, operating chat rooms or whatever else they do in order to pay for the expenses involved in these activities or to simply make a profit from doing so.


They even have the right to seek donations for income lost while in the hospital having surgery.

It is also the right of people to object to these activities as long as they do not interfere with such rights as well as interfere with other ways that people invoke their rights as stated above.

This is where Goddard and those who joined her efforts missed these fundamental facts.

They have made it their life’s work to bar people from being able to invoke their legal rights by working to sabotage whatever means their targets may employ to earn their living.

In the case of Tim Holmseth, for instance, there has been a decades long effort to destroy his ability to earn a living. The haters even tried to get him fired from his job as a pizza delivery man. They have certainly worked to deny him his first amendment rights by resorting to extreme efforts in order to censor what he may choose to write about on his blog.


To be clear, I do not agree with what Tim Holmseth has done over the years and I do not agree with a lot of what he is written.

I do, however, defend his right to write what he wants or does anything he wants as long as he does so within the law.


The same applies to Deric Lostutter. I may not agree with everything he says or condone everything he does in order to make money, but I do agree he has every right to do what ever he pleases as long as he does so within the law.

Goddard and the others did the same thing to me. A Topix thread was started by a South Florida woman that attacked the business I was operating at that time. A trucking company that I was contracted to at that time was contacted by someone making threats to burn the place to the ground if my relationship with that company was not severed.

In another case, a South Florida reporter was bribed to write a highly inaccurate criticism of my webcasts in the satire section of a local newspaper.

I sometimes wonder what it is they are teaching in school or even in college for the haters certainly do not understand the United States Constitution, The bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence.

Perhaps it is time that US History and Civics be made a priority in our educational institutions so that people like these haters understand the principles on which this country was founded.


If not already the case, ANYONE who procures any kind of visa that allows them to live and work in the United States should also be required to understand the constitution and the principles under which this county operates since many of them do not seem to understand how things work here.

While many, including myself, do not agree with Donald Trump has been saying during his run for President of the United States, he does make one important point.

Do not come to this country and impose upon us the laws of the country you came from. If you do not like OUR laws, then go back to where you came from.

It is an opinion held by a majority of the people in this country including, interestingly enough, some of the haters.

Stay tuned




Screenshot_20160503-211255.pngOn May, 2, 2016 I received several twitter private messages from two anonymous sources stating that Terri Stipp was innocent of the charges against her and that efforts were under way to clear her name.

One member of the group declared that they were a former prosecutor who was going to provide funds and other resources to have her criminal record expunged and commence civil proceedings against those who have posted anything on the internet concerning her case.

windchimeI have been threatened with a lawsuit if I do not remove all posts concerning Terri Stipp.


It must be noted that most of the information used in my various blogs came exclusively from articles published by Alexandra H Goddard of Colunbus, Ohio in her now defunct website.

Because of her publishing of the articles regarding Terri Stipp, Alexandra Goddard is subject to the same legal actions. I have made it known to the person who contacted me that it was materials supplied through various sources that attributed Alexandra Goddard as the source of the public disclosure of the alleged confession of Terri Stipp to several counts of lewd acts in the presence of a minor that were the basis for my blogs of MS Stipp.

Because of her involvement with the disclosure of the information about Ms Stipp, Goddard would be called as a material witness and may well face legal action by the alleged former prosecutor as well.

Both Twitter accounts created by the Terri Stipp innocence project members were immediately deactivated and no further contact has been made since May, 2nd.

In subsequent articles, I will go into detail the case history of Terri Stipp and her former husband and how her actions over the past decade has had long lasting effects toward those who knew her or knew of her.

Stay tuned



It has come to my attention that there is a group that has been formed for the express purpose of clearing the criminal record of Terri Stipp who used to be known under the internet identity Windchime.

websleuthsIn 2008 while Terri Stipp was working for as a moderator, a well known blogger by the name of Alexandra H Goddard published an article claiming that Terri Stipp confessed to four counts of lewd acts in the presence of a minor.

Lake county Case #1992 cf00019e

Lake County case#1991dr000352


Upon learning of the details of the article published by Alexandra H Goddard, Trica Griffith, owner of Websleuths published a notice on the website claiming that she had removed Terri Stipp as a moderator and has banned her from the website.

To date, there are a number of people who believe that Terri Stipp is, in fact still on Websleuths under a number of usernames and that Ms Stipp is also retaliating against me and others who made her alleged criminal background public.

Upon researching the article that was published on Leforia. com in 2009 and the Lake County Florida case records, I learned that Terri Stipp had entered into a plea agreement with the state where she would plea guilty to several counts of lewd acts in the presence of a minor and receive probation on the condition that she testify against her former husband James Cavitalo Jr


The case came to light when Alexandra H Goddard of Columbus, Ohio published the information on her website.

from 02-27-2009, 10:19:34 PM

Windchime was 33-years old when she was arrested for four counts of lewd and lascivious behavior with children under the age of 16. It was alleged that she not only engaged in sexual intercourse in the presence of three minor children…

03-01-2009, 06:20:23 PM

Other websites began to research the article and published new details of the Stipp Case:

Terry Anna Marie Cavitalo, AKA Terri Anna Marie Sholes Stipp, AKA WindChime on WebSleuths, was charged in 1992 with multiple counts of “lewd and lavicious” behavior in the “presence of child under 16.” Further investigation into related documents and charges detail her ex-husband’s role in these crimes, wherein he apparently raped a 6-year-old child. It is said that Terry/WindChime was one of two women who had sex with James Cavitalo in front of these children.



LADY LAKE MAN GETS 15 YEARS IN SEX CASE THE ORLANDO SENTINEL – Tuesday, June 23, 1992 Author: Jim Runnels, of The Sentinel Staff A Lady Lake man was sentenced Monday to 15 years in state prison on charges of sexual misconduct and attempted sexual battery. James Cavitalo Jr., 46, of Skyline Hills Mobile Home Park, also was ordered not to contact the children involved for the next 25 years. Cavitalo was convicted in Lake Circuit Court in early May of attempted sexual battery on a child under age 12, four counts of lewd and lascivious acts upon or in the presence of children, and three counts of child abuse. Prosecutors said Cavitalo had oral sex with a 6-year-old boy, that he fondled two girls, and that he allowed the children to watch as he had sex with two women. State biggsCircuit Judge Don Briggs of Tavares, who could have given Cavitalo a lighter sentence, declined to do so. ”I find that this case warrants a substantial sentence,” Briggs said. In addition to the prison term, Cavitalo will be forced to undergo mental health treatment and to pay for court costs and the costs of his supervision while on probation.

Over the years, Terri Stipp’s case would be discussed on various forums. Recently there was an article written by a group who feel that Terri Stipp is still active on the internet and may be involved in some questionable activities:

In spite of all of the articles, blogs and forums that have been published about Terri Stipp’s case, there are those who believe that Ms Stipp was framed by prominent members of the Lake County community who somehow convinced the minor children to lie about the incident.

In my next article, I will reveal details as to how I came to learn of this effort and also explore who the primary member of this group claims to be.

Stay Tuned






I am returning to the old format I had in place when I started webcasting and blogging. It has come to my attention that a major effort is being made in an old criminal case that is remotely connected to the Casey Anthony case.

The proposed actions include a proposed trial to take place in a Central Florida district court.

I will be following the efforts from the onset through any legal proceedings including live coverage of any trials that may take place.

Since this is a Central Florida based legal matter, I should be able to extensively cover any events as they occur.

Part of my coverage of this case will be to go over the details of how this case came to light and what events have occurred to date.

An introductory article about this case will be coming soon.

Stay Tuned



A few days ago a new sock account came upon the scene. This individual (or individuals) has decided to play on all sides of the fence.

Not only is this person an ally of Alexandra Goddard and others on the hater side, but is also a close ally of such people as Tim Holmseth and Astro.

In spite of this close alliance with Tim Holmseth and Astro, the haters welcome this new ally because it supports their tin hat theories.

According to this seriously troubled individual(s) I am guilty of Blackmail, illegally recorded phone calls, wanting to kill dogs and a  host of other criminal actions.

These accusations are made, of course and once again, from behind an anonymous account.

What the haters do not seem to understand is that by blindly accepting such nonsense as fact diminishes their credibility, not that they have that much to begin with.

The prime example of all of this is that this troll keeps bringing Kim Picazio into the mix and the haters do so as well despite her telling these people that she does not want her name brought up in these twitter postings.

The actions this troll accuses me of are quite serious and if true, could cause me to spend so much time in prison that I would die there.

My haters wish for both my death and to be thrown in jail so for them this would be a double header.

Despite this fact, nobody has seen fit to notify law enforcement of my so called crimes.

The reason is quite simple. The accusations are simply not true.

What IS true is whom is behind the sock account. It is easy to figure out through the process of elimination. All one who knows the players in this little internet game has to do is to go through the postings of this troll.


The troll was even kind enough to provide a list of those it wished to have “left alone.” All one has to do is to compare that list to whom it is going after as to who it is ordering to leave those on it’s friends list alone.

Rather than expose the identity of this well known screwball, I am going to sit back and relax while the twitter notifications of it’s mentions of my username by this nut fills up my e-mail inbox.

This is yet another strange habit of this nut. This individual insists it has blocked me and will consider it stalking if I try and follow it or otherwise contact it.

It then goes out of its way to make sure I read it’s tin hat rants by inserting my @username knowing full well that Twitter will notify me of the postings by placing them in my e-mail.

Anyone who knows how Twitter works will know about this feature.

So, while the trolls troll, I go on living my life in the real world rather than in the fantasy world they have created.

Stay tuned