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Well, well, well. Some people do not realize it when they wind up proving my point. In response to my prior blog article, Radio posted what it said was the original post IN CONTEXT proving a number of things.

maggotsThe first thing Radio has proven is that the content that Michelle posted was the result of some kind of tampering. The differences in the posts are quite clear and Michelle has yet to explain why.

The second thing Radio has proven in producing the Twitter post IN CONTEXT is that it was in response to a post it made. I was simply following the tone of posting that Radio is well known for.

Since there is no proof that Radio is even a real person, and also is a female, the significance of my post is greatly decreased.

The SECOND thing is that in the post that has not been tampered with, the URL of Radio’s original message is present which shows where and when the conversation originated. This information is missing from Michelle’s example.

Third, there is clearly a difference between the two examples. Again there is the icon with the >k36 Murt with the small icon. I have never changed my Murtwitnessone name as shown in the Radio sample.

The font of the text between the two examples are different. It might be well served to note that in the Michelle example, I was replying to a sock account.

A visit to the account in question indicates that whoever operates the account is just as guilty of snarky comments as anyone else.

Once again, I am waiting for Michelle to explain why there are the differences between what she posted and what Radio has posted.

Finally, it has to be noted that whenever these “women” engage in snarky remarks, they get all upset when those remarks are returned in kind.

By playing “the sex card” these woman are proving that they are NOT strong women but are the kind of women who feel they can say what they damn well please and then use their sex as a wall to hide behind.

They are, in fact, cowards.

Stay tuned