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sg1One of the sillier stories making the rounds on the internet is the story of the female meteorologist who was asked to put on a sweater while on the air live.

sg2Some mindless people watching the woman give the weather report were sending e-mails to the tv station complaining about the outfit.


The complaints remind me of a few years back when I was briefly seen shirtless in one of my webcasts on my private streaming channel. Since there is no rule about males when it comes to being shirtless, my audience thought the complaints about that incident was silly as well.

So why was the woman wearing that style of dress in the first place? It turns out that another dress she wore “keyed out.”

gsmOn air personalities often appear on “green screen” which is a common tool used in the industry. When watching a meteorologist do their segments on tv, few people realize that the person is actually standing in front of a massive green sheet.

All the fancy graphics are actually on a computer which the person controls with something like a remote control. It is something akin to a  power point presentation. The meteorologist is usually looking at a monitor off camera to see what is being shown.

keyoutWhat I find odd about this whole affair is why both she and the production staff did not know the original outfit would be “keyed out.” and were not better prepared to deal with it.

Green screen has been used in media for years and I am surprised that the production staff of the station did not do their job and prevent the incident from happening in the first place.

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