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As an addition to my prior article I am struck at how the haters seem to be plotting to have me fired from the job I am supposed to have.

pdelivery.jpgThis reminds me of the efforts that have been made to get Tim Holmseth fired from his Pizza delivery job. Sometimes the trolls are hard to figure out.

ssicard.jpgThese trolls have been complaining for YEARS that I am sitting at home doing nothing and mooching off of their tax monies by drawing Social Security (even though at least two of them have been on Social Security for years.)

They also accuse me of having an EBT card (the new name for getting food stamps) and thus getting my groceries for free.

Now, according to them I have a job which would mean that I would NOT be eligible for food stamps and would also be paying INCOME TAX on the earnings as well as social security taxes and welfare taxes that would be levied on that income.

It would seem, however, that these insane trolls want me to “go back” to getting the EBT and other benefits from the government they claim I am getting and that THEY would once again be paying for those benefits through the taxes they pay while WORKING.


While the trolls are working hard to feed me, I will be watching Hulu and Netflix.

Stay tuned