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Breaking news!!! The haters who insist on reading my twitter account from which they are BLOCKED are now claiming I have a job!

hertzApparently I am working at MCO! (That is the designation for The Orlando International Airport) As a “rental car return driver”

IF that is the case, they can quit the pissing and moaning about me NOT having a job and mooching off of the government.

snapcardThat is, of course, unless they succeed with their plans to get me FIRED with their false accusations which means I will have to “go back” to mooching off of the government and then THEY can pay my expenses “again.”

People who are employed are NOT qualified to obtain an EBT card if they are single with no dependents.

vestvestaApparently the clothes I wear resemble those worn by car rental return drivers. Oh really?? I happened to look at the “uniforms” worn by some employees at those agencies and notice that all of them wear bright colored vests and identification badges that are required by virtually all airports throughout the country.

avisuniformSince the car rental agencies also wants the public to know that there are EMPLOYEES driving the cars they either are going to rent or have just rented, there are usually trademarked labels on the shirts identifying the car rental agency they work for.

hertzshirt.jpg I wonder if the people who have STOLEN my images have found any company trademarks anywhere on my shirt since I am supposed to be driving one of their cars while webcasting.

That would also mean that every white polo shirt sold at Walmart along with the Khaki cargo slacks I ware are exclusively for those in the Car Rental business.


whiteshirtmanI wonder if there is a law against people who do NOT work for Car rental agencies as rental car return drivers from wearing them.

Source of image:

targetuniformsOh, and that would mean that the Red shirts I wear with my slacks from time to time must mean that I work for Target or even Winn Dixie.

I guess certain color combinations of clothing worn by people means that they work for specific stores .

Perhaps Target should sue Walmart for selling their trademarked colors in their stores.

statefarmmanUmm, I could also be the dude at State Farm that gets called at 3 in the morning.

orlpoliceNow IF I have a job at the airport, I certainly would NOT be texting and driving. ANYONE who has been at ANY airport knows that they have tv cameras on every square inch of Airport property. cameraThere are also both city police and airport police constantly monitoring all activities on airport properties.

There might be a logical reason for me wearing these shirts that ANYONE who spends any amount of time outdoors in Florida.


It is fucking hot down there.

Right now while the temps in the rest of the country are averaging 50 at night and 70ish during the day, it is 90 frigging degrees down there. The common color worn in Florida for men, of my age, at least is WHITE. COTTON polo shirts are also preferred because white reflects heat rather than absorbs it and cotton “breathes” which is what helps one be a bit cooler than wearing dark colored or black clothes. The same holds true of light colored pants. Khaki pants which are a light tan color also reflects light and is comfortable to wear when outdoors in Florida or anywhere else where it is warm, for that matter.


Also the use of white shirts and tan pants when using chroma key is ideal as well, but that might be a bit too technical for the simple minded trolls to understand.

It is really amazing that these people are interested in my so called “e-trips. ” Considering the fact that it takes a bit of an effort to bypass my bans of them.

It is probably one reason I post about my trips in the first place because I know I have a built in audience even if that audience is a group of haters. I love playing these people like a fiddle. It is fun to sit back and watch their reactions to what I post.

It just goes to show the haters are more interested in my PERSONAL business then they claimed.

Stay tuned