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agapologyPeople have been messaging me with the question of who the heck is Deneale and why is she being accused of creating sock accounts on my behalf.

To answer this question, I need to go back a few years. Deneale is a woman who lives on the East coast of Florida. She got into a dispute with a woman she had a contract with and the dispute soon turned out to be an all out war between the two women.

Without getting into too much detail, I tried to intervene and settle the matter. At one point I had been asked to be a witness in a legal matter that one of the parties was pursuing against the other. Even though I agree to testify to what I knew as fact, this did not satisfy the party and matters for me got worse from there.

Then something interesting happened. One of my haters barged into the dispute and convinced one of the parties (the one I originally offered to testify for) to turn against me. The same hater tried to do the same with Deneale.

bennverifiedThen, Deneale did something that surprised both me and the haters. She happened to have a account and used it to do a background check on me.

She then published the results of the background check which showed that I had absolutely NO criminal record of any kind.

Deneale has been paying a price for being honest ever since. Not only have the haters turned against her accusing her of things she has not done but they also reported her to making the false claim that her background check of me was for renting a mobile home in a park she managed. has a rule prohibiting the use of their service for matters having to do with real estate or credit checks.

It took a good number of contacts with to clear that matter up.

Once that nonsense died down, Deneale has concentrated on her own life, minding her own business and having nothing to do with the haters and my problems with them.

For some demented reason Ms Goddard insists dragging this innocent woman into a dispute that she wants no part of.

It is typical of Goddard and the crowd of haters to partake in these kinds of actions as it fuels their need for attention.

Stay tuned