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Monthly Archives: June 2016

hobAccording to recently disclosed information, it is being reported that the House of Blues at Walt Disney World may have been the next target of the man who killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fl.

It is said that the shooter had finished at the Pulse and was in the process of leaving when he was spotted by an off duty Orlando police officer sitting in his unmarked car.

When confronted by the police officer, who was working as a security guard, the shooter retreated back into the club and took refuge in the bathroom along with several hostages.

Some of the basis for the second target theory by law enforcement comes from evidence said to be found in his car that was parked next door.


Other information that has come out is that the shooter originally parked his car at the Wendy’s directly across the street from Pulse and went there for a drink. He then went back to Wendy’s and drove his car to the spot next door to the nightclub. He then took his rifle and walked the short distance to the nightclub and began his shooting. It is not clear if the Orlando police officer saw him enter the club or not.

Stay tuned



I have been watching with rapt amusement as the conspiracy theories abounded about truck loads of UN vehicles that were photographed going through the state of Virginia. I waited patiently for someone to come up with the right answer as to why these things were being transported down the highways of the USA.


As the days went by, I was bemused to see that nobody could supply the rather obvious answer to why these things are being seen on our interstate highways. I knew the answer to this mystery because I have hauled these things.

The simple fact of the matter is that these vehicles and others have been seen on the highways for decades. Why this sudden fear of them simply because of the UN labels was set upon the Facebook community is still a mystery to me.


I can only conclude that some nut probably figured he could write the thing as click bait to suck in gullible people who could not figure out this simple answer I am going to provide.


The UN vehicles are made in the USA by a well known defense contractor. They are being taken to Norfolk VA for EXPORT overseas.


This company, BAE Systems makes these vehicles as well as a variety of other military vehicles like the Bradley tank and all sorts of advanced military transport and combat vehicles.

Since not that many people read my blog and my Twitter and Facebook pages, this lunacy will likely carry on for weeks months and perhaps years for the simple fact that people will not do even the most basic research and fact checking.


I am also surprised that my fellow truckers and those thousands who work for BAE Systems have not spoken up about this nonsensical rumor before now.

Now to see just how many people pick up on the answer I have provided  to their questions about why UN tanks are buzzing down the interstate.

Stay tuned



I know what it is like to go through a flood that is so intense that it wipes out most of your town, city or village. In June 1972, my home town of Elmira, New York and most of what we call the Southern Tier was hit with a once in a lifetime flood. It was a disaster of major proportions.

It is because of that flood and what happened after the waters receded that I understand to some extent what the residents of West Virginia are going through right now.

Their flooding is actually worse than what Elmira and the other towns went through in 1972 as the flood ended quickly. This is not the case in West Virginia where, as I write this, there is more rain and flooding predicted for the next few days. It is not over for these people.

I wrote this article so that in some small way, through my social media accounts, that I could get others out there to research this disaster and do what you can to help.


A lot of people came to the aid of Orlando and still are, when it came to what happened here. It is now time for this same compassion and financial aid to be directed to our neighbors to the north.

Please do research of the agencies that have been set up to help the folks in West Virginia. This newspaper is an excellent resource for links to how people can help.

They have suffered and are still suffering and need all the help they can get.

Stay tuned



In all the back and forth in the debate between those who are for and against gun control, there seems to be a question that has not been asked.

sigmcx2When the shooting began at the nightclub, the only person who engaged him was a highly trained Orlando City Policeman who was working as an off duty security guard.

Not one other single person had a gun to assist the officer in engaging the shooter and perhaps ending the situation earlier.

The Pulse Nightclub is located in a high crime area of Orlando. There are all sorts of violent crimes and robberies that take place in the general area at that time of night.


Also, The State of Florida has some of the most liberal gun laws in the country. Anyone who remembers the famous Trayvon shooting and how that made news all over the country and there is also the Florida Castle Doctrine.


Both of these measures along with the Florida right to carry concealed weapons statutes, should have meant that at least a few people in that establishment would have had something with which to be able to counter the shooters actions.

It is quite obvious that nobody chose to take advantage of their second amendment rights or their right to stand their ground and defend themselves.


Along with not exercising their right to vote, this is just another example of people having the rights to do things afforded to them under our constitution and legal statutes choosing not to exercise them.


I am reminded of the adage “You can lead a horse to water but cannot force him to drink.”

I can bet that a majority of those out there who are protesting efforts to “take away our rights” are the same people who do not bother to take advantage of the rights they already have.

Stay tuned


It is now a month before the first of two political conventions that will mark the most intense and perhaps entertaining political events that this country will see in quite some time.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders smiles as a bird lands on his podium when he addresses the crowd during a rally at the Moda Center in Portland, Ore., Friday, March 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Steve Dykes)

With Bernie Sanders heating things up for the Democrats and trump

Donald Trump causing quite an uproar with the Republicans, the infighting that is certain to come about is going to provide for some action packed entertainment for those interested to see everyone duke it out between themselves as well as with the other side’s various candidates for Presidents.

If anyone thought that after the Democratic and Republican primaries the decisions had been made and we knew who was going to be the presumptive nominees from each party, they were kidding themselves.

On the Republican side, there is the “Dump Trump” and “Anyone but Trump” movements to find an alternative choice for nomination since most believe that he is a disaster in the making for the GOP.


On the Democratic side, there is Sen. Bernie Sanders who seems to want to stick it out and continue his campaign at least until the Democratic convention to be certain his issues are heard and perhaps make it into the party platform. There are even rumors of a similar “Dump Hillary ” movement that may take place on the convention floor.


All of this interaction and infighting may well take what is normally a boring and mundane event filled with speeches, balloons and self praise into a highly entertaining three ring circus.

Grab your refreshments, Grab your remote and……

Stay tuned



Stay tuned



It is one week today since the shooting at the Pulse nightclub and all I see in the news is the ar-15 assault rifle being maligned as the weapon at the center of the gun control debate.

The problem is that everyone has it wrong.


The actual weapon used in the attack was a Sig MCX which is a new model that has recently come on the market. This weapon is hardly a hunting weapon and the advertising the company uses touts it as a military spec weapon.


This is a shorter rifle depending on what variation of many available for the shooter to choose for his weapon. The rifle can be as short as 28 inches in length making it easily concealable.

The ar-15 in most configurations is a much longer assault rifle and is less threatening looking if one can imagine such a thing.

Regardless of what the actual weapon used was, the entire line of rifles that fit the assault rifle category, is at the center of the debate over banning these weapons.

The Pulse shooting has intensified what has been a lengthy and ongoing debate.

Stay tuned



I have been following the debate that has been ongoing over the past few days about the Pulse shooting here in Orlando have noticed that few have mentioned the one important fact about what was going on at the height of the incident.

The main argument of those who are against gun control is that if more had been armed, many lives would have been saved and fewer would have been wounded if more people had been armed.


What people either forget or overlook is that there was a uniformed off duty Orlando policeman in the club that night and he did engage the shooter when he became aware of what was happening.

It has been reported that the shooter may have been wearing body armor which would have made the police officers job that much harder. The officer was forced to call for back up.

There was a stand off that lasted several hours until the attacker was killed in a hail of gunfire in an attempt to escape.

The police officer is highly trained and was the best person to have at the scene and yet he was unable to stop the shooter sooner.

If there had been others there with firearms, it may have made the situation worse since most people are not as well trained as law enforcement and in a panic state may have caused “friendly fire” in the confusion. They may well have found themselves a target by those who mistook them for being an accomplice of the shooter.

This is not an argument for either side of the gun control argument but an example of what needs to be taken into account when deciding what the appropriate action should be taken to prevent these kinds of attacks in the future.

Stay tuned



According to a number of news reports, Pam Bondi is lashing out at Anderson Cooper over his recent interview with her. She is claiming that the interview was “edited” in order to misrepresent the context of what she said throughout the interview.


What she claims may or may not be true. The only way for sure is to see the unedited recording of the interview.

For now, there is the published interview in which to pass judgement:

There is, however, the track record of Ms. Bondi when it comes to gay rights legislation and her actions of record concerning the LGBTQ community.

Stay tuned



I have to wonder sometimes, how certain people get into such prominent positions as a TV news anchor. This certainly applies to Angela Taylor who apparently took issue to me contacting WESH to ask why I was banned from reading her account.

I did so, not calling her any names or using any inflammatory language. I simply asked why.


What is really odd about all of this is that I was actually DEFENDING  Angela Taylor for publishing the image of the child. I pointed out that the station likely knew the laws regarding the use of such an image and had taken the appropriate steps to insure that everything was proper.

Even now, in spite of the actions of Angela Taylor, I still think she did everything to insure she was in the right to publish the image of the child. Some people may not like the fact that she did it but if she had the permission of the family, it was within her right to post it.

However, because I was tagged in the conversation with the woman who was highly critical of Angela Taylor, I found myself banned from her twitter account.

Rather than to do her job as a professional and to find out what role I had or did not have in regards to the criticism by the woman, she simply rushed to judgement and banned me from her account.

It would have been one thing, I suppose, if I had gone into some name calling rant on Twitter objecting to the image being there or perhaps making some kind of threat. I did none of these things. If anything, I was an unwilling part of a brief twitter conversation.

I have to wonder about the thin skinned anchors like Angela Taylor when it comes to this sort of thing and the future of journalism as a whole.

Are we now going to live and fear and self censor ourselves when it comes to the members of the press in the same way we  now fear the government or the police in instances where they abuse the powers given to them?

Are we now going to live in fear of our lives being destroyed because we stood up for something we believed in or dared state a concern we may have?


Judging by the actions of Angela Taylor of WESH, we may well have to take this into consideration before daring to interact with the likes of her.

Stay tuned