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It is one week today since the shooting at the Pulse nightclub and all I see in the news is the ar-15 assault rifle being maligned as the weapon at the center of the gun control debate.

The problem is that everyone has it wrong.


The actual weapon used in the attack was a Sig MCX which is a new model that has recently come on the market. This weapon is hardly a hunting weapon and the advertising the company uses touts it as a military spec weapon.


This is a shorter rifle depending on what variation of many available for the shooter to choose for his weapon. The rifle can be as short as 28 inches in length making it easily concealable.

The ar-15 in most configurations is a much longer assault rifle and is less threatening looking if one can imagine such a thing.

Regardless of what the actual weapon used was, the entire line of rifles that fit the assault rifle category, is at the center of the debate over banning these weapons.

The Pulse shooting has intensified what has been a lengthy and ongoing debate.

Stay tuned