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I never thought that retweeting a post by a WESH tv anchor would have such a reaction as it has this evening. It certainly has opened my eyes when it comes to what I thought was a dedication to freedom of speech and the freedom of dissent.

It turns out that  I have been quite wrong if the actions of a local tv anchor is an example. As I posted in my other blog article, I had retweeted a post the Anchor made regarding a child who had been dragged into the lake by an alligator.


Another Twitter account holder immediately attacked the Anchor for posting the image of the child and I had actually come to the DEFENSE of the anchor to an extent.


I was therefore shocked to find myself Banned from reading the Twitter account of the Anchor along with the woman who made the original complaint about the image.


When notified by the station that I had called, the anchor made no effort to contact me and address my concerns. Instead, she made a joke out of it thus teaching people a lesson that it is not wise to confront what seems to be a powerful and egotistical TV anchor.

I had long respected this anchor and her reporting of the news and considered her a fair and ethical TV personality. I see now that I was wrong.

TO ANYONE who ever decides to question the actions of or confront a TV personality, consider yourself warned.

What happened to me can happen to you.

Stay tuned