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Every once in a while, an image appears on social media of something rather remarkable, astonishing or just plain fantastic. This picture of a house built into the side of a cliff is such an example.

There is a slight problem, however. It does not exist. It is a concept generated though software of what a house would LOOK like if someone built it.

If it had not been for a disclaimer on a post where this image appeared, many would not know that this was content made out of thin air and not something that was either real or true.

Too many times things appear on the internet as evidence or depictions of true or actual events. People get accused of saying or doing things, all too often, based on fabricated content created by individuals or groups with criminal or abusive intent.

Those who come across such content, criticisms or accusations might well be advised to doubt what it is you are seeing or reading.

You may well find yourself in the midst of a fraud.

Stay tuned