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In all the back and forth in the debate between those who are for and against gun control, there seems to be a question that has not been asked.

sigmcx2When the shooting began at the nightclub, the only person who engaged him was a highly trained Orlando City Policeman who was working as an off duty security guard.

Not one other single person had a gun to assist the officer in engaging the shooter and perhaps ending the situation earlier.

The Pulse Nightclub is located in a high crime area of Orlando. There are all sorts of violent crimes and robberies that take place in the general area at that time of night.


Also, The State of Florida has some of the most liberal gun laws in the country. Anyone who remembers the famous Trayvon shooting and how that made news all over the country and there is also the Florida Castle Doctrine.


Both of these measures along with the Florida right to carry concealed weapons statutes, should have meant that at least a few people in that establishment would have had something with which to be able to counter the shooters actions.

It is quite obvious that nobody chose to take advantage of their second amendment rights or their right to stand their ground and defend themselves.


Along with not exercising their right to vote, this is just another example of people having the rights to do things afforded to them under our constitution and legal statutes choosing not to exercise them.


I am reminded of the adage “You can lead a horse to water but cannot force him to drink.”

I can bet that a majority of those out there who are protesting efforts to “take away our rights” are the same people who do not bother to take advantage of the rights they already have.

Stay tuned