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Monthly Archives: June 2016


I never thought that retweeting a post by a WESH tv anchor would have such a reaction as it has this evening. It certainly has opened my eyes when it comes to what I thought was a dedication to freedom of speech and the freedom of dissent.

It turns out that  I have been quite wrong if the actions of a local tv anchor is an example. As I posted in my other blog article, I had retweeted a post the Anchor made regarding a child who had been dragged into the lake by an alligator.


Another Twitter account holder immediately attacked the Anchor for posting the image of the child and I had actually come to the DEFENSE of the anchor to an extent.


I was therefore shocked to find myself Banned from reading the Twitter account of the Anchor along with the woman who made the original complaint about the image.


When notified by the station that I had called, the anchor made no effort to contact me and address my concerns. Instead, she made a joke out of it thus teaching people a lesson that it is not wise to confront what seems to be a powerful and egotistical TV anchor.

I had long respected this anchor and her reporting of the news and considered her a fair and ethical TV personality. I see now that I was wrong.

TO ANYONE who ever decides to question the actions of or confront a TV personality, consider yourself warned.

What happened to me can happen to you.

Stay tuned



A debate came up this evening that has come up before time and again. That debate centers on when and if it is appropriate to publish the image of a deceased child immediately after their death.

The latest debate had to do with a 2 year old child who was snatched and subsequently killed by a alligator at The Grand Floridian Hotel at Walt Disney word. The child’s body was recovered this afternoon and subsequently identified, along with his parents, by the Orange County Sheriff at a press conference.


Shortly thereafter, WESH Anchor Angela Taylor published an image showing the Toddler and his mother. One Twitter account follower took issue with her actions and started a fierce debate with her. I wound up in the discussion simply because I had retweeted the image that the Anchor had posted.


After a brief debate, the anchor not only banned the person who strongly disagreed with her actions but me as well, although I had said little about the situation. In fact, I had taken the anchor’s side to some extent when it came to how she came to be in possession of the image.

I am not disturbed so much by the anchor’s decision to ban me but AM disturbed that the anchor would choose to censor an honest and forthright objection to her actions.

As I understand it, her twitter account is owned by the station. At the least she is posting things on Twitter and elsewhere as a representative of the station she works for. It is therefore her responsibility to address the public when it expresses its concerns about what they do or say while on the air or otherwise acting as a representative of that station.

I would certainly hope that censoring interaction with the general public is something that mainstream media representatives feel necessary to engage in.

It would certainly not help public opinion of their actions to do so.

Stay tuned



I am dismayed that once again politics and extreme views are once again finding their ways into a tragic incident. Those for and against the various candidates running for President of the united states, those for and against gay rights and other political agendas are inserting themselves into the reports and postings about the shooting.

It is human nature, I suppose, but sad nonetheless.

What should be most important is that 53 innocent victims lost their lives and an additional 50 victims were injured as a result of hate. Many more lives have been and will be affected by this event into days  to come.

One would hope that political and social agendas would be left out for at least a little while but sadly that is not going to happen.

Haters will always hate and that is a truth we all have to live with.

Stay tuned



It is one of those things you hate to see happening but expect to see in this age of hate in the world. An act of terrorism has happened in Orlando that has been common elsewhere in the world but not here.


For a long time Orlando has escaped what has been going on all over the world. We have watched as others have suffered having people killed who were out to escape the troubles of the world.

Now the troubles of the world are at Orlando’s doorstep.

Stay tuned



It is quite common for people to put up false content and get away with it. But, in the rare instances that they get caught and it is an important subject, the ramifications can be quite severe.

It may well effect who becomes President of the United States this November.

Over the past few days, there has been an ongoing debate over Trump supporters getting attacked by anti-Trump protesters and the Democratic canididates for president are getting the blame for inciting or hiring the protesters.

Well, it turns out in at least one case, it is a bald faced lie.


A Trump supporter posted the photo of a bloodied woman on his Facebook account and the photo soon found it’s way all over the internet.


The problem is that the photo is actually Samara Weaving who stars in Ash vs Evil Dead.

As should have been expected, the hoax was soon uncovered and now everyone in the Trump camp is running around doing damage control. They have been quick to point out that there are legitimate cases of abuse of Trump supporters by protesters, but the problem is that because of this big lie, that proof may also be called into question as well.

Beware the unintended consequences of your actions.

Stay tuned



The headlines today are touting Sen Hillary Clinton as the first female nominee in history for President of the United States. The problem is that is not entirely correct.


There is actually another female  who beat Hillary to the punch. That woman is Jill Stein of the Green Party. Some may argue that the Green Party is a “fringe party” in the ever present two party system, but the fact remains that Ms Stein is THE FIRST woman nominated for President by a political party in US history.


If one really wanted to be historically accurate, one must recognize that the FIRST candidate for President in the United states was Victoria Woodhull who was the leader of the Woman’s suffrage movement in 1827.

It is also the fact that 28 women actually came before Hillary:

To be fair, Hillary Clinton is the first nominee for president from the two MAJOR parties which has more accurately reported  by some media outlets and it is a major victory for women.

Will Hillary become the first woman ELECTED to be President of the United States? Time will tell.

One thing is for certain, the 2016 election season stands to make history regardless of who wins but that is a story for another day.

Stay tuned



I am not completely certain why people post this stuff on Facebook and elsewhere unless it is a desperate need for attention or perhaps worse, to use as click bait.

Whatever the reason, there seems to be a bit of doubt as to the photo being real. I decided to search the photo and found that the earliest appearance of the photo was in 2009. I have yet to find out who the woman is in the photo.

I am curious why this photo was posted in the first place. I am sure something as old as this photo was would have been well known by now if it had been on Facebook before.

Once again I give the caveat to be skeptical of this kind of content being posted on Facebook with the caption that appeared.

Stay tuned




The power to influence public opinion and to bring about change is slowly being taken away from those of us who operate blogs, forums, multimedia websites and so forth is slowly being taken away from us and given back to the mainstream media.

We have only ourselves to blame, we are giving that power away through our bloated egos, our sniping at each other, doxing each other, humiliating each other and the latest trend of becoming desktop lawyers to sue each other and use the judicial system to silence each other.


The mainstream press was never worried about us taking away their monopoly. They new something that we should have. They knew that our thirst for power and attention, our inflated egos and our unwillingness to allow others to do what we do would be our downfall.


All the mainstream press needed to do is to sit on their hands and watch with glee as we all imploded and destroyed ourselves.

That is happening as those who first came to us as an alternative to the bias of the various mainstream media outlets were faced, not with alternative points but instead, to a bunch of children fighting over who is going to play with the toys. They shake their heads in disgust and return to the mainstream media as the only legitimate source of information with which to use to decide what to believe in and who to believe.

The day will come where social media was known as a log ago fad and failed experiment that was short lived and soon forgotten.

Stay tuned


slappThere is a group of Cyber abusers on Twitter and elsewhere who want the ability to post whatever they want on the internet and not be held accountable for their actions. They DO NOT want the targets of their abuse to have the ability to defend themselves and dispute what is being posted.

I am now the subject of both civil and criminal actions by one such abuser. It seems clear that this abuser is going to make sure she can say anything about me, and anyone else she chooses to target,  true or not, and make certain that nobody will have the ability to counter her outrageous lies and accusations.

This tactic is what is known as a SLAPP lawsuit:

What is surprising about this action by my abuser is that she argued in defending herself when  a lawsuitwas filed  against her alleging that she was defaming a teenager. She countered that she was the victim of this exact kind of tactic. She even found a way to involve the ACLU in her argument.

This is also a similar argument she is applying to yet another lawsuit filed against her by a North Carolina businessman.

It seems she has changed her mind and decided that the rights afforded to her as argued in that lawsuit applies only to her and her supporters and nobody else.

This is a classic example of someone who both cannot take it when forced to be held accountable for their actions and someone who refuses to admit when they are wrong.

Therefore, since I am now the subject of litigation, I will no longer be able to defend myself against these lies until the matter is resolved.

Stay tuned


This e-trip has been one for the books. It seems, yet again there has been a problem with my flight. Just got a call from the airline that is going to force me to change my travel plans.

This is going to cause me to change my schedule a tad since I have to complete today what I had intended to Saturday do to the flight delays but more on that later.

The coverage will start more or less on schedule and I will be able to do some of the live streaming I had intended but not as much.

Stay tuned