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A debate came up this evening that has come up before time and again. That debate centers on when and if it is appropriate to publish the image of a deceased child immediately after their death.

The latest debate had to do with a 2 year old child who was snatched and subsequently killed by a alligator at The Grand Floridian Hotel at Walt Disney word. The child’s body was recovered this afternoon and subsequently identified, along with his parents, by the Orange County Sheriff at a press conference.


Shortly thereafter, WESH Anchor Angela Taylor published an image showing the Toddler and his mother. One Twitter account follower took issue with her actions and started a fierce debate with her. I wound up in the discussion simply because I had retweeted the image that the Anchor had posted.


After a brief debate, the anchor not only banned the person who strongly disagreed with her actions but me as well, although I had said little about the situation. In fact, I had taken the anchor’s side to some extent when it came to how she came to be in possession of the image.

I am not disturbed so much by the anchor’s decision to ban me but AM disturbed that the anchor would choose to censor an honest and forthright objection to her actions.

As I understand it, her twitter account is owned by the station. At the least she is posting things on Twitter and elsewhere as a representative of the station she works for. It is therefore her responsibility to address the public when it expresses its concerns about what they do or say while on the air or otherwise acting as a representative of that station.

I would certainly hope that censoring interaction with the general public is something that mainstream media representatives feel necessary to engage in.

It would certainly not help public opinion of their actions to do so.

Stay tuned