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I have to wonder sometimes, how certain people get into such prominent positions as a TV news anchor. This certainly applies to Angela Taylor who apparently took issue to me contacting WESH to ask why I was banned from reading her account.

I did so, not calling her any names or using any inflammatory language. I simply asked why.


What is really odd about all of this is that I was actually DEFENDING  Angela Taylor for publishing the image of the child. I pointed out that the station likely knew the laws regarding the use of such an image and had taken the appropriate steps to insure that everything was proper.

Even now, in spite of the actions of Angela Taylor, I still think she did everything to insure she was in the right to publish the image of the child. Some people may not like the fact that she did it but if she had the permission of the family, it was within her right to post it.

However, because I was tagged in the conversation with the woman who was highly critical of Angela Taylor, I found myself banned from her twitter account.

Rather than to do her job as a professional and to find out what role I had or did not have in regards to the criticism by the woman, she simply rushed to judgement and banned me from her account.

It would have been one thing, I suppose, if I had gone into some name calling rant on Twitter objecting to the image being there or perhaps making some kind of threat. I did none of these things. If anything, I was an unwilling part of a brief twitter conversation.

I have to wonder about the thin skinned anchors like Angela Taylor when it comes to this sort of thing and the future of journalism as a whole.

Are we now going to live and fear and self censor ourselves when it comes to the members of the press in the same way we  now fear the government or the police in instances where they abuse the powers given to them?

Are we now going to live in fear of our lives being destroyed because we stood up for something we believed in or dared state a concern we may have?


Judging by the actions of Angela Taylor of WESH, we may well have to take this into consideration before daring to interact with the likes of her.

Stay tuned


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    • Posted April 14, 2017 at 5:04 am
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