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I know what it is like to go through a flood that is so intense that it wipes out most of your town, city or village. In June 1972, my home town of Elmira, New York and most of what we call the Southern Tier was hit with a once in a lifetime flood. It was a disaster of major proportions.

It is because of that flood and what happened after the waters receded that I understand to some extent what the residents of West Virginia are going through right now.

Their flooding is actually worse than what Elmira and the other towns went through in 1972 as the flood ended quickly. This is not the case in West Virginia where, as I write this, there is more rain and flooding predicted for the next few days. It is not over for these people.

I wrote this article so that in some small way, through my social media accounts, that I could get others out there to research this disaster and do what you can to help.


A lot of people came to the aid of Orlando and still are, when it came to what happened here. It is now time for this same compassion and financial aid to be directed to our neighbors to the north.

Please do research of the agencies that have been set up to help the folks in West Virginia. This newspaper is an excellent resource for links to how people can help.

They have suffered and are still suffering and need all the help they can get.

Stay tuned