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hobAccording to recently disclosed information, it is being reported that the House of Blues at Walt Disney World may have been the next target of the man who killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fl.

It is said that the shooter had finished at the Pulse and was in the process of leaving when he was spotted by an off duty Orlando police officer sitting in his unmarked car.

When confronted by the police officer, who was working as a security guard, the shooter retreated back into the club and took refuge in the bathroom along with several hostages.

Some of the basis for the second target theory by law enforcement comes from evidence said to be found in his car that was parked next door.


Other information that has come out is that the shooter originally parked his car at the Wendy’s directly across the street from Pulse and went there for a drink. He then went back to Wendy’s and drove his car to the spot next door to the nightclub. He then took his rifle and walked the short distance to the nightclub and began his shooting. It is not clear if the Orlando police officer saw him enter the club or not.

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