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I have been watching with rapt amusement as the conspiracy theories abounded about truck loads of UN vehicles that were photographed going through the state of Virginia. I waited patiently for someone to come up with the right answer as to why these things were being transported down the highways of the USA.


As the days went by, I was bemused to see that nobody could supply the rather obvious answer to why these things are being seen on our interstate highways. I knew the answer to this mystery because I have hauled these things.

The simple fact of the matter is that these vehicles and others have been seen on the highways for decades. Why this sudden fear of them simply because of the UN labels was set upon the Facebook community is still a mystery to me.


I can only conclude that some nut probably figured he could write the thing as click bait to suck in gullible people who could not figure out this simple answer I am going to provide.


The UN vehicles are made in the USA by a well known defense contractor. They are being taken to Norfolk VA for EXPORT overseas.


This company, BAE Systems makes these vehicles as well as a variety of other military vehicles like the Bradley tank and all sorts of advanced military transport and combat vehicles.

Since not that many people read my blog and my Twitter and Facebook pages, this lunacy will likely carry on for weeks months and perhaps years for the simple fact that people will not do even the most basic research and fact checking.


I am also surprised that my fellow truckers and those thousands who work for BAE Systems have not spoken up about this nonsensical rumor before now.

Now to see just how many people pick up on the answer I have provided  to their questions about why UN tanks are buzzing down the interstate.

Stay tuned