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I have been following the debate that has been ongoing over the past few days about the Pulse shooting here in Orlando have noticed that few have mentioned the one important fact about what was going on at the height of the incident.

The main argument of those who are against gun control is that if more had been armed, many lives would have been saved and fewer would have been wounded if more people had been armed.


What people either forget or overlook is that there was a uniformed off duty Orlando policeman in the club that night and he did engage the shooter when he became aware of what was happening.

It has been reported that the shooter may have been wearing body armor which would have made the police officers job that much harder. The officer was forced to call for back up.

There was a stand off that lasted several hours until the attacker was killed in a hail of gunfire in an attempt to escape.

The police officer is highly trained and was the best person to have at the scene and yet he was unable to stop the shooter sooner.

If there had been others there with firearms, it may have made the situation worse since most people are not as well trained as law enforcement and in a panic state may have caused “friendly fire” in the confusion. They may well have found themselves a target by those who mistook them for being an accomplice of the shooter.

This is not an argument for either side of the gun control argument but an example of what needs to be taken into account when deciding what the appropriate action should be taken to prevent these kinds of attacks in the future.

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