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Monthly Archives: July 2016


Question for those who support the recent hacks and “leaks.”

Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?

I find the discourse regarding the leaking of the DNC rather odd considering the complaints that have been voiced regarding the accusations that the various governments are violating our privacy by tracking what we do on line and who we talk to on our smart phones and so forth.

The DNC servers are PRIVATE and not part of the US government. Their accounts are the same as those of all of us.

Wikileaks does not seem to comprehend this and neither do their supporters. Nobody seems to be concerned about any of this because it happens to be Hillary that is being attacked.

What if Bernie was hacked and negative e-mails by his campaign were leaked? What if it was Trump?

The simple fact is that hacking is against the law. It does not matter who the target is. The law is the law.

What those who support the leaks do not understand is that this is an act of espionage, an act of war. If we continue to tolerate this kind of conduct, we might as well give up voting altogether. We might as well give Putin the keys to this country and to the world. We should tear up the constitution and let the hackers run the country.

There should be no privacy at all. People should not be allowed to lock their internet accounts with passwords or be allowed to talk to each other in secret. No private messages, no encrypted telephones, no password protected websites of any kind .

Full and open disclosure should be the rule of law. If you are going to support open disclosure by the DNC, then you should allow full disclosure of your on line presence as well.

This should extend to Anonymous as well. They should not be allowed to operate in secret. They should be forced to operate in the open just like we are demanding of the DNC and everyone else.

Time to put you money where your mouth is, folks.

Stay tuned




One of the main issues that those fighting against Deric has is his self promotion with the goal of obtain fame and fortune, or at least their view of that is what he is doing.

Deric may be in a position where he will be famous but he may not get the fortune weather he seeks it or not.

His main stumbling block is none other than the Son of Sam law.

This law originated in New York State in 1977 when David Berkowitz, who was dubbed the Son of Sam serial killer, was said to be getting offers of large sums of money for the movie and book rights to his story.

The law in it’s original form was struck down by the courts. Over the years there have been arguments before the courts dealing with provisions of the law and those similar to it.

Since Deric is being tried in federal court, he would be subject to the federal version of this law:

Citation: 18 U.S.C.S. § 3681 (Lexis 2000)
History: Enacted in 1984. 


18 USCS § 3681 (2000)

§ 3681. Order of special forfeiture

(a) Upon the motion of the United States attorney made at any time after conviction of a defendant for an offense under section 794 of this title or for an offense against the United States resulting in physical harm to an individual, and after notice to any interested party, the court shall, if the court determines that the interest of justice or an order of restitution under this title so requires, order such defendant to forfeit all or any part of proceeds received or to be received by that defendant, or a transferee of that defendant, from a contract relating to a depiction of such crime in a movie, book, newspaper, magazine, radio or television production, or live entertainment of any kind, or an expression of that defendant’s thoughts, opinions, or emotions regarding such crime.

Deric’s problems do not end there. If he is convicted or makes any kind of plea bargain, he would still face liability for damages depending on the results of any lawsuits filed against him.


Deric may well wind up being free from the confines of prison only to find himself the prisoner of his own actions by having to pay huge settlement amounts that would take a lifetime to pay off and would also be forced to no longer mention his exploits as part of any judgements against him.

In the end, the price Deric pays for being a “hactivist” would be to fade into obscurity and be soon forgotten.

He would then be truly Anonymous.

The advice of “govern yourself accordingly” may be too late for Deric to take.

Stay tuned


pro se

There is an old expression ” A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” There is a lot of truth to that proverb.

The legal process is a complicated one and thus representing yourself can be rife with problems. In most cases someone representing himself appearing in the courts fighting professional lawyers who have spent years in college learning the complicated processes and rules governing the legal system.

Professional lawyers usually have years of experience arguing their cases in court, filing the various motions and objections and using the intricate tools of the trade when representing their clients.

Professional lawyers also have the advantages of resources generally not available to those trying to avoid the expense of hiring a professional lawyer to represent themselves.

It is true that the internet does supply resources to come to the aid of the lay person and in some cases, judges may help even the odds, but these resources can only go so far.

The more complicated the case, the more risk will be incurred by anyone representing himself.

The costs of failure can be both drastic and life altering.

Going the route of pro se is one decision that should not be taken lightly and should be done so after a lot of thought and a thorough understanding what the cost will be if this action does not succeed.

Stay tuned



Love him or hate him, Deric Lostutter has become one of the more interesting and talked about internet personalities in certain social media circles since he became his own lawyer. Deric as both filed civil lawsuits as well as finding himself on the receiving end of a number of civil lawsuits.


Deric Lostutter first came to the attention of those on social media early in the Big Red Rape case that exploded in Steubenville, Ohio when it came out that Two high school players were accused of raping a high school student while at a party.

Deric found himself raided by the FBI and is now awaiting arraignment on charges that could land him in federal prison.

Almost immediately Deric started various donation drives to cover, first his expected legal defense costs, then included any number of personal expenses that have cropped up over the years be it real or in his mind.

In addition, Deric found himself garnering increasing fame as his exploits sparked the attention of mainstream media. At one point a major production company considered making him the prime subject of a full feature motion picture.

It soon became apparent that Deric was starting to  draw the wrath of Anonymous, of which he was part of under the moniker Kyanonymous, whose members frown on self serving publicity. He also incurred the wrath of those he had allied himself with during the height of the Steubennville rape case.

Those who were his allies soon turned against him as did members of Anonymous who were not pleased with his actions.

As the war between Deric and his detractors intensified, Deric and the others turned to the courts. All sorts of filings were made to various courts. Court paperwork started flying around the internet like confetti in a parade.

Deric soon became his own lawyer as well as retaining a lawyer for his pending criminal case. He began to fight legal actions against him as well as starting his own legal actions against his detractors filing a number of lawsuits, cease and desist orders as well as a defamation lawsuit against both his detractors and others.

The number of civil cases floating around regarding Deric and his detractors is getting both hard to count and hard to follow.

The number of online funding drives are increasing as both Deric and his detractors seek funds to cover the legal and personal costs everyone claims have resulted by these various actions.

Lawyers from Florida, North Carolina and who knows wherever else have also become involved in both the civil and criminal cases working their way through the courts.

Many who are trying to follow all these goings on find themselves confused when trying to figure out just what the hell is going on and what the hell started all of this in the first place.

It does not look like this battle is about to end anytime soon. In fact, the battle has only just begun. Some think that if Deric is put in jail, everything will come to a grinding halt. Somehow I doubt it.

I would not be surprised that Deric would continue his battles behind bars.

It is one way of killing time while doing time.


Stay tuned



After years of seemingly sitting idly by while cheating on all levels where taking place, the public is finally starting to take notice and are turning against the cheaters. Those who habitually lie and cheat are finally incurring the wrath of the general population.

Athletes who have cheated found themselves banned from sports for life or have had other punishments directed at them, the Russian athletes have found themselves banned from this year’s Olympics and more Olympic athletes may be banned from the games soon.


Another obvious area where the cheaters are paying a heavy price are the DNC and Trump forces. The DNC’s cheating was disclosed by Wikileaks through alleged e-mails gathered when alleged Russian hackers hacked into their servers.

Donald Trump is being held accountable for his actions in relation to his real estate university.

And now another group of cheaters, the hackers who cheat their way into websites are paying the price as more and more of them go to trial to answer for their actions.


One case going through the courts is that of Deric Lostutter who has several CFAA related charges against him. He is due to be arraigned in federal court on the 9th of August. His case may determine the fate of other hackers and cheaters who either aided his efforts or benefited from them.

The public is getting fed up with all of the cheating, lying and stealing that goes on constantly and pressure is being mounted in all sectors of society towards law enforcement, the various governments of the world and other powers that be to finally crack down on the cheaters and put a stop to them.

It is about damn time.

Stay tuned



It is abundantly clear that hackers, trolls and hate groups are taking over the internet and making it hard to decide who or what to vote for this year.


With all of the false content, website and e-mail hacks and so called exposes happening almost on an hourly basis, there is no room to discuss the issues the various candidates support or are against.


The electorate is in a state of confusion trying to wade through all of this mud to decide who to vote for.

An increasing number of people may decide that it is not worth the hassle and not vote at all.

The net result will be that the propagandists will win and the citizens of the United States will lose.

Stay Tuned


It is sad that otherwise intelligent people get duped into believing such obviously fake content is real but human nature is what it is.

I logged onto Facebook this morning to see an image of Hillary Clinton shaking hands with Osama Bin Laden. I have seen this image before as it has been posted on Facebook and elsewhere for at least the past two years.

What the problem is with nonsense like this is the fact that many people out there do not realize how easy it is to create sophisticated and genuine looking fake content by anyone with moderate skills in the use of video and text editors.

This sort of thing is not confined to one side of the political mindset and is not confined to major issues being argued about today.

Ordinary people are having their lives destroyed because the same kind of false material is being created against them and there is nobody fact checking the content when it appears on the internet.

As it turns out, this photo is much older than many think. It’s history goes back to 2008 as part of a photoshopping contest:

Origin:A photograph of Hillary Clinton shaking hands with terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden has circulated online (divorced from its original context) ever since it was created for a Photoshop contest held back in 2007 by the web site, in which entrants were instructed as follows:

Senator Hillary Clinton officially declared her bid for presidency 2008. Making her announcement Hillary said “I’m in.” This is the phrase she rarely heard from Bill in their bedroom.

In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Senator Hillary Clinton running for president of United States. Examples may be photoshopping magazine covers, campaign photos, or future presidency achievements.


So, once again, I have to point out that you cannot believe everything you see on the internet. At least 90 percent of what is being posted against someone is clearly false and should be ignored or at least the reader or viewer should take the time to consider the source of the material and question the agenda of those who create this content.

Stay tuned



I am fascinated that after all of these years that people think that protected accounts and direct messages will keep things confidential.

That assurance ended almost 7 years ago. It seems no matter how well one protects their Twitter accounts, private forums and so forth, there is always going to be someone who gets into the fold either as a mole or for some reason turns into a mole and spreads around certain information to those who are not supposed to see it.

A lot of this has been going on lately and it is amazing what has been sent around the proverbial social media loop.

There are people who think they have built a secure fortress against infiltration and the leakage of information that they would not like getting around.

Unfortunately these people have not learned the lesson I learned years ago. The only one you can trust is the person you see in the mirror.

Those who have not learned that lesson have made things interesting lately. Keep up the good work.

Stay tuned


gavel.jpgOne thing I have noticed when reading true crime forums is how many people do not know what exactly what a grand jury is and what an indictment means.

Most believe a Grand Jury works like a regular jury and when they indict someone, that is the same as a guilty verdict.

That is completely wrong. Grand Juries are not always used. When a Grand Jury decides to indict a defendant it is a RECOMMENDATION and not a verdict.

A prosecutor can decide to try the case if the Jury does not indict or the prosecutor could decide not to take the case to trial even if the Grand Jury decides to indict.

A Grand Jury indictment does not guarantee that the case will be immune from being dismissed if the Judge decides to do so or if the defense or prosecution atty file a motion to dismiss the case.

The short answer would be that the Grand Jury offers an opinion if the case should go forward or not.

Stay tuned



It is not unusual to get trolled for any number of reasons. It is also common to get trolled or otherwise harassed simply for having an opinion. What is odd is for me to be singled out because of being one of MANY blogs and social media sites that have reported on a recent incident on Twitter regarding a popular actress and her dispute with a popular conservative and a popular Twitter account holder.

I would understand this trolling if I were an important media outlet or a major blogger. I an neither. My blog doesn’t register even a blip on the internet. I am lucky if I get a dozen visits a day to my blog.

The vast majority of my subscribers to the blog are spam websites who hope that their spam somehow winds up on the blog.


It strikes me that the Milo support group must be extremely desperate for attention to engage in this kind of conduct. It also seems that Milo must not have the kind of influence he brags about if his minions have to go around and troll anyone who has an unfavorable opinion of his politics or his actions and  harass anyone who has a different opinion than his.

The actions of this and other trolls certainly reinforces the justification for Twitter to permanently ban Milo’s account as it seems to be having a negative effect on the Twitter community.

Stay tuned