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One of the main issues that those fighting against Deric has is his self promotion with the goal of obtain fame and fortune, or at least their view of that is what he is doing.

Deric may be in a position where he will be famous but he may not get the fortune weather he seeks it or not.

His main stumbling block is none other than the Son of Sam law.

This law originated in New York State in 1977 when David Berkowitz, who was dubbed the Son of Sam serial killer, was said to be getting offers of large sums of money for the movie and book rights to his story.

The law in it’s original form was struck down by the courts. Over the years there have been arguments before the courts dealing with provisions of the law and those similar to it.

Since Deric is being tried in federal court, he would be subject to the federal version of this law:

Citation: 18 U.S.C.S. § 3681 (Lexis 2000)
History: Enacted in 1984. 


18 USCS § 3681 (2000)

§ 3681. Order of special forfeiture

(a) Upon the motion of the United States attorney made at any time after conviction of a defendant for an offense under section 794 of this title or for an offense against the United States resulting in physical harm to an individual, and after notice to any interested party, the court shall, if the court determines that the interest of justice or an order of restitution under this title so requires, order such defendant to forfeit all or any part of proceeds received or to be received by that defendant, or a transferee of that defendant, from a contract relating to a depiction of such crime in a movie, book, newspaper, magazine, radio or television production, or live entertainment of any kind, or an expression of that defendant’s thoughts, opinions, or emotions regarding such crime.

Deric’s problems do not end there. If he is convicted or makes any kind of plea bargain, he would still face liability for damages depending on the results of any lawsuits filed against him.


Deric may well wind up being free from the confines of prison only to find himself the prisoner of his own actions by having to pay huge settlement amounts that would take a lifetime to pay off and would also be forced to no longer mention his exploits as part of any judgements against him.

In the end, the price Deric pays for being a “hactivist” would be to fade into obscurity and be soon forgotten.

He would then be truly Anonymous.

The advice of “govern yourself accordingly” may be too late for Deric to take.

Stay tuned