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Love him or hate him, Deric Lostutter has become one of the more interesting and talked about internet personalities in certain social media circles since he became his own lawyer. Deric as both filed civil lawsuits as well as finding himself on the receiving end of a number of civil lawsuits.


Deric Lostutter first came to the attention of those on social media early in the Big Red Rape case that exploded in Steubenville, Ohio when it came out that Two high school players were accused of raping a high school student while at a party.

Deric found himself raided by the FBI and is now awaiting arraignment on charges that could land him in federal prison.

Almost immediately Deric started various donation drives to cover, first his expected legal defense costs, then included any number of personal expenses that have cropped up over the years be it real or in his mind.

In addition, Deric found himself garnering increasing fame as his exploits sparked the attention of mainstream media. At one point a major production company considered making him the prime subject of a full feature motion picture.

It soon became apparent that Deric was starting to  draw the wrath of Anonymous, of which he was part of under the moniker Kyanonymous, whose members frown on self serving publicity. He also incurred the wrath of those he had allied himself with during the height of the Steubennville rape case.

Those who were his allies soon turned against him as did members of Anonymous who were not pleased with his actions.

As the war between Deric and his detractors intensified, Deric and the others turned to the courts. All sorts of filings were made to various courts. Court paperwork started flying around the internet like confetti in a parade.

Deric soon became his own lawyer as well as retaining a lawyer for his pending criminal case. He began to fight legal actions against him as well as starting his own legal actions against his detractors filing a number of lawsuits, cease and desist orders as well as a defamation lawsuit against both his detractors and others.

The number of civil cases floating around regarding Deric and his detractors is getting both hard to count and hard to follow.

The number of online funding drives are increasing as both Deric and his detractors seek funds to cover the legal and personal costs everyone claims have resulted by these various actions.

Lawyers from Florida, North Carolina and who knows wherever else have also become involved in both the civil and criminal cases working their way through the courts.

Many who are trying to follow all these goings on find themselves confused when trying to figure out just what the hell is going on and what the hell started all of this in the first place.

It does not look like this battle is about to end anytime soon. In fact, the battle has only just begun. Some think that if Deric is put in jail, everything will come to a grinding halt. Somehow I doubt it.

I would not be surprised that Deric would continue his battles behind bars.

It is one way of killing time while doing time.


Stay tuned