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It is not unusual to get trolled for any number of reasons. It is also common to get trolled or otherwise harassed simply for having an opinion. What is odd is for me to be singled out because of being one of MANY blogs and social media sites that have reported on a recent incident on Twitter regarding a popular actress and her dispute with a popular conservative and a popular Twitter account holder.

I would understand this trolling if I were an important media outlet or a major blogger. I an neither. My blog doesn’t register even a blip on the internet. I am lucky if I get a dozen visits a day to my blog.

The vast majority of my subscribers to the blog are spam websites who hope that their spam somehow winds up on the blog.


It strikes me that the Milo support group must be extremely desperate for attention to engage in this kind of conduct. It also seems that Milo must not have the kind of influence he brags about if his minions have to go around and troll anyone who has an unfavorable opinion of his politics or his actions and  harass anyone who has a different opinion than his.

The actions of this and other trolls certainly reinforces the justification for Twitter to permanently ban Milo’s account as it seems to be having a negative effect on the Twitter community.

Stay tuned