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Question for those who support the recent hacks and “leaks.”

Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?

I find the discourse regarding the leaking of the DNC rather odd considering the complaints that have been voiced regarding the accusations that the various governments are violating our privacy by tracking what we do on line and who we talk to on our smart phones and so forth.

The DNC servers are PRIVATE and not part of the US government. Their accounts are the same as those of all of us.

Wikileaks does not seem to comprehend this and neither do their supporters. Nobody seems to be concerned about any of this because it happens to be Hillary that is being attacked.

What if Bernie was hacked and negative e-mails by his campaign were leaked? What if it was Trump?

The simple fact is that hacking is against the law. It does not matter who the target is. The law is the law.

What those who support the leaks do not understand is that this is an act of espionage, an act of war. If we continue to tolerate this kind of conduct, we might as well give up voting altogether. We might as well give Putin the keys to this country and to the world. We should tear up the constitution and let the hackers run the country.

There should be no privacy at all. People should not be allowed to lock their internet accounts with passwords or be allowed to talk to each other in secret. No private messages, no encrypted telephones, no password protected websites of any kind .

Full and open disclosure should be the rule of law. If you are going to support open disclosure by the DNC, then you should allow full disclosure of your on line presence as well.

This should extend to Anonymous as well. They should not be allowed to operate in secret. They should be forced to operate in the open just like we are demanding of the DNC and everyone else.

Time to put you money where your mouth is, folks.

Stay tuned