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I am fascinated that after all of these years that people think that protected accounts and direct messages will keep things confidential.

That assurance ended almost 7 years ago. It seems no matter how well one protects their Twitter accounts, private forums and so forth, there is always going to be someone who gets into the fold either as a mole or for some reason turns into a mole and spreads around certain information to those who are not supposed to see it.

A lot of this has been going on lately and it is amazing what has been sent around the proverbial social media loop.

There are people who think they have built a secure fortress against infiltration and the leakage of information that they would not like getting around.

Unfortunately these people have not learned the lesson I learned years ago. The only one you can trust is the person you see in the mirror.

Those who have not learned that lesson have made things interesting lately. Keep up the good work.

Stay tuned