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Monthly Archives: July 2016


There are a lot of opinions swirling around on social media and I have to admit I have been posting opinions of my own. I first posted a blog on where I speculated Deric might wind up IF he were to be convicted of the crimes for which he was recently indicted.


The basis for my speculation was drawn from where he was being tried, the nature of his charges as well as the institutions within a reasonable distance from the court where the case will be tried.

The alleged crimes are what are defined as “white collar” which in most cases are non-violent in nature. Based on past cases and various law themed websites, I came to the conclusion that he would be housed in either a low or medium security prison and likely would NOT be housed with offenders convicted of violent crimes.

Others have speculated that he would be housed in the more violent prisons and would be subject to some rather “personal” attacks by his fellow inmates.


Apparently their speculation is based on old b-movies rather than any factual material.

My other speculation had to do with how long he might serve if convicted and if he would serve any time at all. This is based on the common use by federal state and local courts of an option known as pretrial intervention.


This option came about because of the severe overcrowding in the prison systems throughout the United States. This option allows Judges or even prosecutors to opt for having an offender go on this type of probation in order to avoid going to jail at all.

One of the individuals who is most avid in his wanting Deric put in jail is, himself, participating in this program in spite of the fact that one of his offenses had to do with the theft of a firearm.

There was then the question of bail. Under the US constitution, those charged with a crime have the right to be released on bail while awaiting trial depending on the charges levied against him.

In most cases it is up to the Judge to determine the bail amount or even not requiring bail depending on the arguments by the prosecutor and the defense atty as well as federal guidelines that determine maximum bail amounts.

I based my speculation on similar case laws as well as this source material:


Now, it is quite true that my speculations or guesses are no better or worse than anyone else. Most who have offered their input as to the fate or Deric Lostutter are no more expert than I am.

As far as who is right or who is wrong will have to wait until around August 9,2016 when He is scheduled to appear.

What happens on that day will determine if things go forward or if the process will come to an abrupt halt with an outright dismissal of the case.

Stay tuned



Anyone who has been on Twitter for any length of time has likely been invaded by a troll who bullies them for no reason.

Sometimes the bullying is the result of political differences, relationships gone sour, or more often because the bullying is being done for the fun of it.

The creation of fake accounts is the most extreme of the acts of bullying. In Leslie Jone’s case, someone created a fake CERTIFIED Twitter account. I thought certification was supposed to protect subscribers from impersonation but apparently this is not the case.

The creation of impersonator accounts on Twitter and other social media sites is the most common type of cyber abuse and cyber bullying. Twitter is also the easiest social media website for this conduct to take place.

Twitter is also the least responsive when it comes to dealing with this kind of abuse. It can take months to get the abuse stop and then only after a great deal of damage has been done.

Abusers get banned only to turn around and make another abusive account and start the process all over again. Thousands of subscribers have complained to Twitter for years yet this problem goes on unabated.

In most cases, people leave social media rather than put up with the highly personal abuse they suffer. When this happens, the abusers win.


This time, however, a high profile and popular actress has had enough and made the public announcement that she is leaving Twitter. ABC is reporting that Leslie is leaving social media completely.

Like many of us, she sees no other choice and because of her decision, the abusers win and freedom of speech and association loses.

If enough high profile subscribers call Twitter to task and demand they do something about this problem, then twitter may FINALLY address this problem sooner than later.

Twitter must be made to realize that they are NOT too big to fail. If they continue to ignore this problem, they make wind up being a forgotten memory similar to Commodore computers or Earthlink.

One can only hope that Twitter sees the light.

Stay tuned



This little phrase means simply, “if you help me, I will help you.” It is a favor for a favor. The problem with this sort of promise is that people often do not keep their promises or have ulterior motives for entering into this kind of agreement.

It is common for some who enter into these kind of agreements to get duped into doing things they normally would not do or would extract a high cost for services rendered.

Let me give an example. I used to be a car dealer. It is interesting how many friends a car dealer makes that consist of those who think they are going to get a special deal from someone “on the inside.” Yes, I have given special discounts to those who are friends as have others in certain occupations do the same for their friends. It is a perk that is often given out of kindness with nothing expected in return.

Now, if such a discount is given quid pro quo, what would I expect in return for such a favor? In essence this scenario could be considered a barter. Selling someone a car for hundreds or thousands less than the normal price would indicate that something of equal value would be expected in return.

There are countless examples I could give that are fairly obvious that I am certain the reader could come up with on their own.

There are other services that people engage in that are a tad more abstract when it comes to trying to figure out what quid pro quo scenario would come into play that would justify certain parties entering into such an agreement.

It is these scenarios where the waters get a bit muddy.

Now, why am I writing about this subject in this manner? some might ask.

It is because I am trying to get people who have involved themselves in this kind of arrangement to think and think hard.

What is in it for you and what is in it for them?

Certain things come at a cost. In some cases, that cost can be unexpectedly high.

Stay tuned



There are some out there that feel that because of their position, intelligence, or place in the world, that their friends would not betray them.

There are those who are delusional to the point where they think that someone they have trusted for years would not stab them in the back or harm them in any way.

It is these people who find themselves the most betrayed and these same people do not suspect that it is their best friends behind the betrayal until it is too late.

I learned this lesson a decade ago but some have not learned that lesson yet.

Stay Tuned



As many can attest to, I had gone silent in regards to my stalkers for a considerable amount of time. That silence had also included the Atlanta blogger. Then, last night, a troll posted to me both in public and direct message on Twitter making threats as well as the usual name calling that takes place when one of these trolls pays me a visit.

I wrote about the troll in my blog as well as posting screen shots  of some of the DM’s the troll sent me on my Twitter account.

Imagine my surprise when the Atlanta blogger went on a rant on it’s blog only a short time after the troll closed down it’s account. I never mentioned the blogger that I am aware of so there was no reason for the blogger to be so interested in what was being said other than it’s addiction to barging into other people’s business.

Then, in the comments section of it’s blog, It posted a screen shot of part of a conversation I had with one of my followers on Twitter. Since her account is protected, Radio did not see the other half of the conversation that took place AFTER the Atlanta blogger’s rants.

It seems that Radio may have finally learned the harsh lesson that NOBODY can be trusted on the internet and this includes lawyers.

Stay tuned


Two things became apparent this morning. The first is that a certain blogger is addicted to everything I say and write on my twitter account even though the account is blocked and I have not mentioned that thing or it’s entourage of thugs in quite a long time.

Now suddenly, my stalker is back harassing me once again. It also appears, as was written in my previous blog article that my stalker has exposed itself as the creator of the Anon sock as well as the creator of many of the other sock accounts attacking not only me but those it considers its allies as well.

Now first I provide these side by side examples of a specific post that was made to me and the screen shot that appeared on my stalker’s blog.


The post on the left is the way it appears on the stalker’s blog. If you look closely you will notice some print at the right edge. This is part of the blog’s comment and post outline.

The post on the right is the screen shot I took from MY twitter account. Notice how the text after “you three” and then again after “or” gets word wrapped to the next line. These are the same posts but in different formats. Why is that?

Now, the blogger also chose to write about an incident concerning me and some people on Twitter. I wrote about this before but I will briefly go into the incident once again. The news anchor had posted the photo of a child who had been grabbed by an alligator at Disney World. One person objected to the reporter doing that and called her out on it. For some odd reason, I got tagged into the conversation. After a while, the reporter blocked me from her account without saying why.

Now why this is such a big deal to the stalker is beyond me other than an excuse to barge into my business once again.


Now what is curious is that the blogger once again screen grabbed my twitter account showing PART of the conversation that took place. Take a real good look at the screen shot and compare it with the ones the blogger posted on it’s blog. Quite a difference in the format, text size, etc.

Care to take a guess why?

Stay tuned




About 7 hours ago, I got harassed by a rather interesting troll on twitter. I posted about this incident while the troll continued to post both private and public messages to me. I also checked the following and follower list to see if the troll was either being followed or was following anyone but me.

Other than the people mentioned in the troll’s post, there were nobody being followed by or following this troll. The troll only  had the account open for a short time and it is now gone from twitter.


Another curious thing to be noted is the FORMAT of screen shots of the troll account. MY screen shot appears above. Anyone who uses Twitter knows that the text goes across the entire post window before it word wraps to the next line. Now the image above is a screen shot of how the post appears on the blog. Notice that the follow/following window has been cropped as well as that portion of the post window? It is rather convenient that the entire text appears when it should have been cut off. Also note that an ADDITIONAL line was added to the blog version of the Twitter post. The ONLY way this could have been accomplished is if the person who made the screen shot was also the SAME person who OWNED the account.

Now perhaps an expert can explain how this change in the post was made?

With all of these facts, I am rather curious as to how the blogger who wrote about my being harassed by this troll, managed not only to be able to read the posts, but was also able to archive the entire conversation.

The logical answer, of course, is that the blogger in question was the one who CREATED the account and likely has been behind most of the other sock accounts that have been out there for almost a decade.

I cannot wait to see how the blogger wiggles out of this one.

Stay tuned



IF anyone wants to know why I have a big issue with Anonymous, they only have to look at the above post as well as go back over 10 years to see what I have had to endure at the hands of a bunch of misfits that hide behind the mask of a character in one of the stupidest movies ever made.


I had decided quite a while back to quit paying attention to these misfits along with those who support this group and demonstrate both their disdain for the rule of law as well as not being able to mind their own business.

I am not sure of why this particular misfit decided to start up with his threats once again, but started he has. At least he has done so in public this time.

This Anonymous person seems to think that he can come on the internet and make his public threats as well as the other threats he has been making over the phone for several months.

The Anonymous person(s) is under the delusion to give me a “final warning” that if I do not remove THIS blog along with my on line presence, there will be ramifications for me not doing so.

This Anonymous coward wants two others to remove their internet postings as well. Perhaps you few who read here may want to check those blogs and links  out and see why this Anonymous coward is so intent to see them gone:

Apparently this nitwit and those who are part of the crowd he hangs around in is not content that I have moved on with more important matters than wondering what a group of hate addicts are up to on Twitter and elsewhere. I had left their drama in the rear view mirror of time and have been spending the bulk of my time  in the real world.

They have given me hints they want me back. They goad me, they accuse me, and when that fails, they start up with their games and their threats.

They have demanded from that September day in 2008 to the present demanding that I kill myself and to do so live on the internet.

These same individuals create false content, write dozens of blogs and create all kinds of fake sock accounts with which to harass me and others as well as falsely accuse me of making sock accounts to attack them.

This group is, in fact, making many socks attacking themselves and their allies for the simple purpose of “framing” me and others as being behind these various accounts.

As a final resort, the above account comes along to lodge the same threats he always has. As a coincidence this seems to center around the case of a missing child, Haleigh Cummings.

The Anonymous coward attacks people who seem to hold out hope that Haleigh is alive. This Anonymous coward is trying hard to convince the world that Haleigh is dead and thus wants the speculation by Tim Holmseth that Haleigh is alive and part of a questionable abduction.

I for one have given up caring about the fate of Haleigh and the other missing children whose fate remains unknown. I have moved on, or at least had done so until the harassment I have been going through for the past several months culminating with the post I have received tonight along with the threatening calls of a similar nature.

This is a small blog. Few people read it and most who do are the Anonymous cowards that want to see it cease to exist.

Nobody outside the parties involved in the various disputes that are archived here read it. The general public is simply not interested. There are more important things going on in the world to be paying attention to one of hundreds of thousands of internet soap operas being played out and documented on similar blogs as this one.

It seems, however, that because such an intense to get this and the two other blogs erased from the internet, that there is a truth out there that someone is trying to hide.

The question should be asked is what are these people scared of. What is it they do not want to be found out?

The truth, perhaps?

Stay tuned




As the people in the United States debate who would best be the next president of the United States, a military coup breaks out in Turkey. At this point, the details are confused as to whom is leading the coup and who is resisting it. Tanks are rolling and shots are being fired.

With all of this going on the question has to be asked. “What would each of the canididates do if they were in charge at this moment?”

We are not an isolated country in the world nor should we be. What happens elsewhere affects us. We have seen it here in Orlando, in Dallas and in France. Now we are seeing it in Turkey.

The next president will have to have the proper understanding of what is going on in the world in order to make the proper decisions that will not make matters worse.

It is important that all of us who can vote, make what might be the most important of our lives when we go to the polls in November.

Stay tuned



It seems that the support or non support of a law depends on who is breaking it. For years there has been a growing objection to the CFAA and other laws having to do with the hacking of  various internet and social media accounts.

Recently, however, the negative support of the CFAA and other laws seem to depend on who it is that is accused of breaking it.

At the center of the current debate is one Deric Lostutter, a former member of Anonymous who became somewhat famous at the height of the Steubenville Rape Case. At the time the protests were most active, a lot of people supported his actions and to some extent aided him in his efforts.

Then Mr. Lostutter committed the cardinal sin of “fame whoring” which seems to be an Anonymous code for not seeking fame or fortune off of a cause the hacktivist movement gets involved in.


Now, rather then complaining about the CFAA, his former supporters have turned against him and are hoping against hope that he goes to jail and has his life ruined for what is a common practice by those who are involved in the Anonymous movement.

There are others who have been the targets of similar supporters turned hypocrites, but Mr. Lostutter seems to be the latest example of this inconsistent point of view when it comes to hacking and the use of information gained from these actions.

Stay tuned