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After years of seemingly sitting idly by while cheating on all levels where taking place, the public is finally starting to take notice and are turning against the cheaters. Those who habitually lie and cheat are finally incurring the wrath of the general population.

Athletes who have cheated found themselves banned from sports for life or have had other punishments directed at them, the Russian athletes have found themselves banned from this year’s Olympics and more Olympic athletes may be banned from the games soon.


Another obvious area where the cheaters are paying a heavy price are the DNC and Trump forces. The DNC’s cheating was disclosed by Wikileaks through alleged e-mails gathered when alleged Russian hackers hacked into their servers.

Donald Trump is being held accountable for his actions in relation to his real estate university.

And now another group of cheaters, the hackers who cheat their way into websites are paying the price as more and more of them go to trial to answer for their actions.


One case going through the courts is that of Deric Lostutter who has several CFAA related charges against him. He is due to be arraigned in federal court on the 9th of August. His case may determine the fate of other hackers and cheaters who either aided his efforts or benefited from them.

The public is getting fed up with all of the cheating, lying and stealing that goes on constantly and pressure is being mounted in all sectors of society towards law enforcement, the various governments of the world and other powers that be to finally crack down on the cheaters and put a stop to them.

It is about damn time.

Stay tuned