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Monthly Archives: August 2016


In journalism there are a set of unspoken rules that are followed. There are things that are not said and there are images that are not published.


One of those individuals who calls himself a journalist ignored those boundaries and published what is presumed to be a photo of Jonbenet Ramsey, the “beauty queen” little girl who was killed in her Bolder, Colorado home and as a result, sparked countless theories of who killed her and why.

Tim Holmseth recently posed his own theory as to what happened to Jonbenet and why. Within his article was the image of her with a rope around her neck,  presumably dead.

Up to this point there has been no image of a similar nature published either in the main stream media or on any internet blog or website.

One would have to wonder how Mr Holmseth came into possession of such an image or if it is even genuine.

One thing is certain, the photo is disgusting. The act of publishing the photo is vile. All Mr Holmseth has done is to stir up a lot of anger. That anger is directed at him.

Mr. Holmseth’s actions and publications have made him a lot of enemies. Even so, he had his supporters or those who felt he, at least, had the right to free speech.

It is unknown at this point how many supporters or allies he will lose due to this latest outlandish act by him.  I would suspect that at least some of his supporters are having second thoughts. If they are not having second thoughts, they should.

There is a trend as of late to exploit children on the internet. Some have been used as weapons in various on line disputes and this latest incident is perhaps the most disturbing example of all.

At some point, the social media sites that allow the publication of these images need to step in and exercise some common sense to not only remove images such as that but make certain images of that nature are not published on their websites in the first place.

Stay tuned


As of this writing, the sock account featuring the images and information of a woman’s grand daughter has been removed. It might be noted that the removal was not voluntary but instead, the result of a suspension by Twitter.

There is a lesson that can be learned here. Under no circumstances should a child or any other family member who is not part of the disputes between various parties on the internet should be involved in the manner that was done over the past few days.

It is not known for certain who made the account although there has been at least one individual named as being responsible. In an ideal situation, whoever made that account would be held accountable for their actions.

The use of the child in that manner was vile and immoral.

I would hope that this would be the last time an innocent party is used in this fashion. It does not help make whatever point the person doing so is trying to make.

If anything, it defeats whatever argument the person is trying to make. Learn from this mistake and do not make that same mistake again.

Stay tuned


I have sat idly by for a while and have ignored something that has been bothering me for quite some time. Recently, someone operating a sock account started posting images of one of my harshest critic’s grand daughter.

I had hoped that common sense would have taken place or that Twitter would have stepped in to force people to remedy what is becoming an increasingly disturbing situation.

I do not care whose grand child it it is, be it friend or foe, wrong is wrong.

The child did not ask nor did she deserve to be brought into the intense Twitter warfare that has been going on for over a decade. This is an intolerable situation.

I would ask that whomever put up those images please remove them immediately. It is no excuse to say that “she has done the same thing” for two wrongs do not make it right.

I would have thought by now that things would have died down since the points argued have been ongoing for almost a decade. I had hoped that lessons had been learned and this sort of thing would not come about yet again.

Posting the images and personal information of a child is not going to change things. If anything, it is only going to make matters worse.

It also puts the child at an unnecessary risk for everyone knows the kinds of things that take place on the internet.

In closing, I would ask everyone to take pause and think hard about what you are doing and change your actions.

Criticize if you must but leave innocents and children out of it.

Stay tuned



I made one prediction many years ago when I wrote that eventually Caylee Anthony would eventually be forgotten and the memory of what her mother  Casey was alleged to have done to her would soon fade over time.

Boy was I wrong. It turns out that the love for Caylee and the anger towards what happened to her is as strong as ever.


There are two recent examples that make this abundantly clear. The first example was the elaborate memorial to Caylee that was recently upgraded by a couple from Sarasota, Florida.



The next example is a renewed boycott demand after a reporter contacted Casey wishing for an interview with her.

Those with the strong memory of Caylee and their continued anger towards Casey have made it abundantly clear that they will never give up their love for Caylee and their anger towards Casey.

This is one time that I do not mind being proven wrong.


Stay tuned


Today, a bunch of on line haters were supposed to be celebrating the arraignment of Deric Lostutter.dericanon

He was supposed to appear in Federal court to begin proceedings which many had hoped would result in him being remanded to jail for at least a couple of years.

But it is not to be as the trial has been remanded to Sept, 9th, a month from the day of this writing. This will give those who like stereotyping what his experience in prison will be, a continuing chance of posting their misinformed Twitter rants.

Other than the occasional tweet about his impending stint in jail, there has been nothing much coming out of the crowd who does not appreciate Deric’s actions since the Steubenville Rape Case faded into history.

It looks like it will be a long, long time before the fat lady sings.

Stay tuned



A recent comment on a blog confirmed something I had suspected for some time. It seems that the efforts by a certain group of people have not had the desired result they desired.

With it being 9 days or so before the first court date for Deric Lostutter, his haters wanted to strike a chord of fear within him by going out of their way to “warn” him about the conditions he would expect to suffer WHEN he was convicted of the charges against him.

This bunch also seemed to think that by trolling the judge and other officials with their demands he be held without bail would accomplish just that. These same people apparently did not bother to do some basic research to see how the Federal court system works and the laws under which they operate.

Rather than go through, once again, what is realistic and what is not, I leave it to others who want to be informed to do their own research.

Since the campaign against Deric has gone stale, the trolls in their unceasing addiction to draw attention to themselves decided to turn their attention towards, once again, to me.

I have not been on line that much in recent weeks. If not binge watching on various streaming channels or tuning into the various political goings on, I have been busy with a number of projects that have absolutely nothing to do with the internet.

In my absence, the trolls have been squirming for a reason to draw attention to themselves and thus we are at the point we are this evening.

I would not have drawn attention to this if it had not been for the trolls insistence of drawing into the fray a South Florida lawyer whom I am certain does not wish to be part of this foolishness.

In the same blog that is currently attacking me, the troll who owns the thing seems to be fueling speculation regarding who might be creating sock accounts and why. I had written about who it was that was being speculated as being the author.

For reasons I am not going to get into, I took the article down and decided not to put it back up despite the recent speculation on a blog that was an obvious attempt to goad me into putting it back up again.

It is almost certain that as the court date for Deric draws near, I MAY be left alone for a short time while their attention is drawn towards him and their speculations and fear mongering posts towards him intensify.

As to what might happen after his first court date is ripe for speculation. Everyone, including me, has speculated what might happen.

What is certain is that once things die down after the 9th, attention will probably be directed, once again, towards little ol me.

It is yet more proof of the troll’s empty lives. I am all they live for. They have nothing else in which to direct their attention and energy.

Such a poor, lonely and dimwitted bunch of people.

Stay tuned



Several years ago, a child by the name of Haleigh Cummings vanished from her home early one morning. A number of bloggers and other social media administrators soon started following about, posting about and speculating about what happened to her.

One of those who did so was one Timothy Charles Holmseth. His name soon became the focal point of the wrath of a number of social media “personalities” as well as that of a lawyer, a bounty hunter and at least one mysterious blogger.

Rather then try and explain this interesting fellow, I will simply put up links to his Twitter account and main website so that anyone who chooses to read this blog can read his postings and make whatever decision that they wish to do about him.

I got drawn into the story of Tim Holmseth a few years back because I was defending some people I felt were being bullied.

The bullying that was and is still taking place was a direct result of some of them being friends and supporters of Mr Holmseth.

Because I was perceived of being a staunch supporter of his, I soon came under attack that is still underway to this day.

I attempted to be fair and write about both sides of the Holmseth story, and paid dearly for my efforts.

On one side of the equation, Holmseth, thinking I was befriending his enemies, Not only wrote a highly defamatory blog about me but also had the gall to make a report to his local law enforcement accusing me of being a Pedophile and a participant in some kind of cult.

Did his detractors come to my defense? Of course not. Instead they attacked me just as hard making the same defamatory accusations against me.

I found myself in a no win situation and finally decided not to try and bring forth the bullet points of both sides and simply walk away from the whole situation.

Every once in a while I would link to one of his writings but that was the extent of any involvement with the Holmseth story.

On the day of this writing, a troll started tagging my username on Twitter demanding I help to get Holmseth’s social media accounts taken down.


I am not certain how I was supposed to accomplish such a feat since even a well known lawyer has not been able to do so. It makes no sense that a retired 65 year old truck driver could do any better.

What I did find remarkable is the extent the troll claims to be going to not only to get Holmseth off of the internet but to see him homeless and unemployed.



If what the troll claims to be doing is true, it is spending a tremendous amount of money to accomplish just that.


The last I had checked of Holmseth’s writing is that he has moved on to other subjects. This does not seem to satisfy those who seem to be continue to stalk him.

Mr Holmseth has posted some remarkable theories and accusations. He is not a big media mogul. He is a vary small time journalist with a small following. Under normal circumstances, he would likely be ignored. These are not normal circumstances, however, since the group that is after him is intent to do him in.

By doing so, the group of haters, is giving him a lot of attention he would normally not receive.

The intense stalking claims being made by the troll has garnered my attention once again forcing me to rethink my views of Holmseth and consider that there might be some truth behind his speculations.

Stay tuned



Well, this month is off to an interesting start. It seems that I cannot escape the attention of a certain group of bloggers who do not have lives of their own and must go around trolling people in order to find some purpose in their lives.

executionerThe first thing that came about is that some nitwit decided to make yet another sock account and bypass a block I have of his many accounts. He made his usual threats against me because I will not bend to his will and attack Tim Holmseth.

Time and again I try to move on and leave these morons to their childish games but time and again these morons draw me back into their childish drama.


After the troll got through making threats against me, I was sent a screenshot of the blogger who must be on welfare as it seems to have nothing better to do than create a multitude of sock accounts and make up some outlandish fairy tales.


What is interesting to note is that the SAME troll above is a regular contributor to the blog that wrote about me yet again.


The latest accusation to come out of that blog is that I have told a Canadian woman in DM that I have been given a gag order not to write about Kim Pickazio and Levi Page.

Now, rather than confirm or deny this information, I will point something out. If there WERE such a gag, whoever provided the welfare queen with that information would herself be in violation of federal law.

I would then be obligated to turn the information regarding the Canadian woman over to the authorities since the woman would be guilty of obstruction of justice.

DM’s are usually made with the understanding that the information contained within is private. IF I had made such a  statement in a DM I am certain that I would have cautioned the woman not to disclose this information.

But, then the blogger did make the caveat that I voluntarily took the blog down. Since the blog was based on information contained within it’s blog, it would have not been necessary to remove my blog article.


Kim Pickazio is a lawyer and knows the laws regarding freedom of speech. She would have informed me of any error within the blog and I would have corrected whatever error it contained and then I could have republished it. I might have taken the effort to send Ms Pickazio a draft of the alternative blog to determine if it was a correct representation of the facts at hand.

I may have decided that writing the blog was not worth me wasting my time as nobody reads the thing except, perhaps the obsessed welfare queen that has nothing better to do with her lonely life.

I guess any efforts to leave these trolls in the dust is in vein. I cannot escape their attention even if I completely ignore them or go and binge watch Netflix and Hulu.

The more I ignore the  trolls, the more desperate they become.

What a sad, slow minded and lonely bunch they are.

Stay tuned