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Well, this month is off to an interesting start. It seems that I cannot escape the attention of a certain group of bloggers who do not have lives of their own and must go around trolling people in order to find some purpose in their lives.

executionerThe first thing that came about is that some nitwit decided to make yet another sock account and bypass a block I have of his many accounts. He made his usual threats against me because I will not bend to his will and attack Tim Holmseth.

Time and again I try to move on and leave these morons to their childish games but time and again these morons draw me back into their childish drama.


After the troll got through making threats against me, I was sent a screenshot of the blogger who must be on welfare as it seems to have nothing better to do than create a multitude of sock accounts and make up some outlandish fairy tales.


What is interesting to note is that the SAME troll above is a regular contributor to the blog that wrote about me yet again.


The latest accusation to come out of that blog is that I have told a Canadian woman in DM that I have been given a gag order not to write about Kim Pickazio and Levi Page.

Now, rather than confirm or deny this information, I will point something out. If there WERE such a gag, whoever provided the welfare queen with that information would herself be in violation of federal law.

I would then be obligated to turn the information regarding the Canadian woman over to the authorities since the woman would be guilty of obstruction of justice.

DM’s are usually made with the understanding that the information contained within is private. IF I had made such a  statement in a DM I am certain that I would have cautioned the woman not to disclose this information.

But, then the blogger did make the caveat that I voluntarily took the blog down. Since the blog was based on information contained within it’s blog, it would have not been necessary to remove my blog article.


Kim Pickazio is a lawyer and knows the laws regarding freedom of speech. She would have informed me of any error within the blog and I would have corrected whatever error it contained and then I could have republished it. I might have taken the effort to send Ms Pickazio a draft of the alternative blog to determine if it was a correct representation of the facts at hand.

I may have decided that writing the blog was not worth me wasting my time as nobody reads the thing except, perhaps the obsessed welfare queen that has nothing better to do with her lonely life.

I guess any efforts to leave these trolls in the dust is in vein. I cannot escape their attention even if I completely ignore them or go and binge watch Netflix and Hulu.

The more I ignore the  trolls, the more desperate they become.

What a sad, slow minded and lonely bunch they are.

Stay tuned