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In journalism there are a set of unspoken rules that are followed. There are things that are not said and there are images that are not published.


One of those individuals who calls himself a journalist ignored those boundaries and published what is presumed to be a photo of Jonbenet Ramsey, the “beauty queen” little girl who was killed in her Bolder, Colorado home and as a result, sparked countless theories of who killed her and why.

Tim Holmseth recently posed his own theory as to what happened to Jonbenet and why. Within his article was the image of her with a rope around her neck,  presumably dead.

Up to this point there has been no image of a similar nature published either in the main stream media or on any internet blog or website.

One would have to wonder how Mr Holmseth came into possession of such an image or if it is even genuine.

One thing is certain, the photo is disgusting. The act of publishing the photo is vile. All Mr Holmseth has done is to stir up a lot of anger. That anger is directed at him.

Mr. Holmseth’s actions and publications have made him a lot of enemies. Even so, he had his supporters or those who felt he, at least, had the right to free speech.

It is unknown at this point how many supporters or allies he will lose due to this latest outlandish act by him.  I would suspect that at least some of his supporters are having second thoughts. If they are not having second thoughts, they should.

There is a trend as of late to exploit children on the internet. Some have been used as weapons in various on line disputes and this latest incident is perhaps the most disturbing example of all.

At some point, the social media sites that allow the publication of these images need to step in and exercise some common sense to not only remove images such as that but make certain images of that nature are not published on their websites in the first place.

Stay tuned