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As of this writing, the sock account featuring the images and information of a woman’s grand daughter has been removed. It might be noted that the removal was not voluntary but instead, the result of a suspension by Twitter.

There is a lesson that can be learned here. Under no circumstances should a child or any other family member who is not part of the disputes between various parties on the internet should be involved in the manner that was done over the past few days.

It is not known for certain who made the account although there has been at least one individual named as being responsible. In an ideal situation, whoever made that account would be held accountable for their actions.

The use of the child in that manner was vile and immoral.

I would hope that this would be the last time an innocent party is used in this fashion. It does not help make whatever point the person doing so is trying to make.

If anything, it defeats whatever argument the person is trying to make. Learn from this mistake and do not make that same mistake again.

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