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A recent comment on a blog confirmed something I had suspected for some time. It seems that the efforts by a certain group of people have not had the desired result they desired.

With it being 9 days or so before the first court date for Deric Lostutter, his haters wanted to strike a chord of fear within him by going out of their way to “warn” him about the conditions he would expect to suffer WHEN he was convicted of the charges against him.

This bunch also seemed to think that by trolling the judge and other officials with their demands he be held without bail would accomplish just that. These same people apparently did not bother to do some basic research to see how the Federal court system works and the laws under which they operate.

Rather than go through, once again, what is realistic and what is not, I leave it to others who want to be informed to do their own research.

Since the campaign against Deric has gone stale, the trolls in their unceasing addiction to draw attention to themselves decided to turn their attention towards, once again, to me.

I have not been on line that much in recent weeks. If not binge watching on various streaming channels or tuning into the various political goings on, I have been busy with a number of projects that have absolutely nothing to do with the internet.

In my absence, the trolls have been squirming for a reason to draw attention to themselves and thus we are at the point we are this evening.

I would not have drawn attention to this if it had not been for the trolls insistence of drawing into the fray a South Florida lawyer whom I am certain does not wish to be part of this foolishness.

In the same blog that is currently attacking me, the troll who owns the thing seems to be fueling speculation regarding who might be creating sock accounts and why. I had written about who it was that was being speculated as being the author.

For reasons I am not going to get into, I took the article down and decided not to put it back up despite the recent speculation on a blog that was an obvious attempt to goad me into putting it back up again.

It is almost certain that as the court date for Deric draws near, I MAY be left alone for a short time while their attention is drawn towards him and their speculations and fear mongering posts towards him intensify.

As to what might happen after his first court date is ripe for speculation. Everyone, including me, has speculated what might happen.

What is certain is that once things die down after the 9th, attention will probably be directed, once again, towards little ol me.

It is yet more proof of the troll’s empty lives. I am all they live for. They have nothing else in which to direct their attention and energy.

Such a poor, lonely and dimwitted bunch of people.

Stay tuned