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Several years ago, a child by the name of Haleigh Cummings vanished from her home early one morning. A number of bloggers and other social media administrators soon started following about, posting about and speculating about what happened to her.

One of those who did so was one Timothy Charles Holmseth. His name soon became the focal point of the wrath of a number of social media “personalities” as well as that of a lawyer, a bounty hunter and at least one mysterious blogger.

Rather then try and explain this interesting fellow, I will simply put up links to his Twitter account and main website so that anyone who chooses to read this blog can read his postings and make whatever decision that they wish to do about him.

I got drawn into the story of Tim Holmseth a few years back because I was defending some people I felt were being bullied.

The bullying that was and is still taking place was a direct result of some of them being friends and supporters of Mr Holmseth.

Because I was perceived of being a staunch supporter of his, I soon came under attack that is still underway to this day.

I attempted to be fair and write about both sides of the Holmseth story, and paid dearly for my efforts.

On one side of the equation, Holmseth, thinking I was befriending his enemies, Not only wrote a highly defamatory blog about me but also had the gall to make a report to his local law enforcement accusing me of being a Pedophile and a participant in some kind of cult.

Did his detractors come to my defense? Of course not. Instead they attacked me just as hard making the same defamatory accusations against me.

I found myself in a no win situation and finally decided not to try and bring forth the bullet points of both sides and simply walk away from the whole situation.

Every once in a while I would link to one of his writings but that was the extent of any involvement with the Holmseth story.

On the day of this writing, a troll started tagging my username on Twitter demanding I help to get Holmseth’s social media accounts taken down.


I am not certain how I was supposed to accomplish such a feat since even a well known lawyer has not been able to do so. It makes no sense that a retired 65 year old truck driver could do any better.

What I did find remarkable is the extent the troll claims to be going to not only to get Holmseth off of the internet but to see him homeless and unemployed.



If what the troll claims to be doing is true, it is spending a tremendous amount of money to accomplish just that.


The last I had checked of Holmseth’s writing is that he has moved on to other subjects. This does not seem to satisfy those who seem to be continue to stalk him.

Mr Holmseth has posted some remarkable theories and accusations. He is not a big media mogul. He is a vary small time journalist with a small following. Under normal circumstances, he would likely be ignored. These are not normal circumstances, however, since the group that is after him is intent to do him in.

By doing so, the group of haters, is giving him a lot of attention he would normally not receive.

The intense stalking claims being made by the troll has garnered my attention once again forcing me to rethink my views of Holmseth and consider that there might be some truth behind his speculations.

Stay tuned