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Monthly Archives: September 2016


Federal court Judge Robert E Wier imposed more stringent restrictions against Deric Lostutter after he was found in violation of the terms of his pre trial release conditions.

Surprisingly his violation regarding his donation sites was comparatively minor according to the court transcript.


The major violation that triggered the imposition of the new restriction turned out to be his on line communication with a woman.  The court alleges that Deric threatened the woman with a lawsuit and criminal prosecution.


The court found that because his business comprises of investigation over the internet that he could not continue to engage in that business without further violating the court restrictions.

Deric has been ordered to find third party employment which means he can no longer be self employed at least until after the trial is over.


This will essentially put him out of business since he would not have the resources to maintain the expenses associated with running such a business.

The court made it clear that if Deric violates the orders again, he will be confined until the end of the trial and depending on the verdict, afterword.

Since the violation hearing, not one word has been heard from Deric,  his wife, or anyone associated with him.

Stay tuned



In a way I feel sorry for Astro for coming to the support of someone she hates as much as Kim. I am reminded of the many hours Astro and I spent in private chat going over time after time that Radio attacked her in the most cruel ways I have seen done on the internet.

“Someone” even impersonated her husband and created a sock demanding I leave his wife alone. Astro was the most upset at that.

I would suspect that now in their private communications Radio is turning the blame over to Kim for that stunt and many others.

On the accusation of a grand alliance between me and Kim.

Both Astro and Radio have it wrong. There is no grand alliance between me, Kim or the others. The differences we all have remain unsettled.

What has happened is that I UNILATERALLY decided to stop hostilities and wrote about Deric the way I did and with my own bias.

There were no secret deals nor were there any agreements to remove blogs or content in return for writing anything on my blog.

What is telling here is that my so called cease fire had included Radio. I had no intention of addressing the Sock situation any further.

It is Radio who is the ONLY one who is keeping this going. It is Radio who went on to further claim that Kim created even one hate sock and accused her of involving me in the creation of these socks.

All of these accusations come from Radio with no proof, of course. There is no phone number belonging to Kim being offered as proof that she created ANY sock.

Does Kim have multiple Twitter accounts? Yes, but like mine, everyone knows they belong to her and are identified as such.

I neither condone or condemn her creating these known accounts. They are her business.

What has always been the problem are the ANONYMOUS hate blogs and twitter accounts by a person or persons who refuse to take responsibility for what they create.

I do not hide behind sock accounts as much as Radio wishes she could prove that I do. I take responsibility for what I say or do, right or wrong.

I do not expect a quid pro quo from anyone. I went to Kim years ago for help and she refused. She gave me her reasons and even though I strongly disagree with those reasons to this day, I accepted them and moved on.

In closing Astro needs to remember this one important fact. Radio has made many accusations and statements against her without once offering any proof to back them up.

Once Radio is done with Astro she will be thrown to the wolves as she has done to the others. One only  has to remember the attacks by Radio against Michelle and others. The blogs about them may be gone but the archives are not.

Enjoy YOUR bread crumbs Astro unless it is you that becomes the meal.

Stay tuned



I read your comment to your friend Jetty. While you seem to understand the situation when it comes to my critics you also seem to have been blind to the actions of your friend.

You might want to do some research of your friend Jetty as well. Be reminded of some of the things she accused me of and the actions she took.

Your friend Jetty is the one who posted that I hated my son. Your friend Jetty is the one who posted my son was not mine.

Your friend Jetty is the one who gave out the address of my residence (the wrong one by the way) and encouraged people to call the management of this mobile home park  to remind them “what kind of person I am.”

These incidents are but a small sample of Jetty’s actions, there are tons more she is guilty of.


Your friend Jetty is not honest and your friend is no seeker of the truth. Your friend is guilty of the things she accuses others of doing.


She seeks not the truth but to play games. She takes advantage of the disputes between me and my critics and plays us against each other.

She did so by creating sock accounts that one of the most successful and well known lawyers in my state has proven she was behind.


Don’t you find it rather odd that when your friend “took her little vacation” that the sock accounts attacking my critics in my name suddenly came to a screeching halt?

Did you also forget, by the way, that over three years of her blog vanished overnight as well as that of her twitter account, this all happening at an important period of time?

Or are you brainwashed by this friend of yours simply because she says the things you WANT to hear?

You may not be honest with me, but try being honest with yourself.

The truth is finally coming out about your friend weather you are willing to accept it or not.

As for the bread crumbs?

I feed them to my dog.

Stay tuned




Well, now, welcome to my world. For almost a decade, I have been accused of just about any crime and misdeed anyone could think of.  

In the middle of this spate of accusers one stood out as the primary accuser. This individual was a late comer to the party but soon took over as the accuser in chief.

This individual inflamed already heated arguments and took them to a new intensity through her blog. She allied herself with those who she felt were the stronger among the group and took advantage of one or more of her powerful connections to enhance her standing within this new community.

And then a mistake was made. Something as simple as a phone number caused a crack in this wall of power and now the accuser stands accused.

The accuser stands accused by her strongest ally. Tempers have flared and anger has arisen. It has been said that this power hungry person is behind scores of sock accounts attacking not only the enemies of her allies and friends but the allies and friends themselves.

Her closest friend and ally has made the most serious accusations and has expressed her anger and disappointment.

In spite of all of this, the accused maintains her innocence. Her defenders ( or fake defenders created by herself) are but few and anonymous. She mocks her accusers.

She seems to have forgotten her role as the accuser as she continues her defense against being the accused.

She will now understand that once accused, it is hard to counter the accusations. No matter what evidence is provided the accused will remain the accused. No defense will be accepted by the majority. Any defenders of the accused will have to remain anonymous for fear of being mocked for defending a deceiver.

 Now, there are a number of options at this point. One of them is for the accuser to keep on with her spin and denial or things can stop and stop now.

No more inflaming disputes with the continued game playing. We can all move on in our various directions and pursue our various goals and interests.

In short, we can leave each other alone. We can ignore all of the game players, the troll creators and the hate mongers.

And we can ignore the accusers and their blogs.

My choice is to ignore and walk away from the disputes. My choice is to live my own life and not worry about the game players and the trolls.

What choice will you make?

Stay tuned









The reports from Don Carpenter have been coming fast and furious the second today’s hearing ended. Deric escaped prison once again being warned by the judge that the next time, it was off to the slammer for him.

Deric is supposed to have even more stringent restrictions lodged against him as he is no longer to crowdfund and has been given additional restrictions regarding the use of his cellphones.

Now for where things really get strange. A Twitter account was identified as belonging to Deric by the federal government according to what Don Carpenter posted on Twitter.


As reported by Don Carpenter, Deric is to turn over the the court, the information on all of his internet accounts including any sock accounts he has created.

Don Carpenter also reported that Deric wanted to speak but his lawyer kept him from doing so. It is expected that the new instructions and restrictions by the judge will be released in the next few days.

wutdenyThe strange part regarding the new sock account is that it is still active. One would guess that either Deric’s wife or someone who knows him is behind the account. Deric had better hope this is right or he would have violated the court even before he is out of the courthouse.


UPDATE: It now is being reported that DERIC admitted to the account in the civil lawsuit he filed:


I wonder if there is a fed someplace reading that same account as I write this.

Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

Stay tuned


oopsradioontheairAs is her usual style, the sock creator is in high spin mode. Every time she gets caught in one of her lies or stunts, she becomes defensive and tries to divert from her wrongdoing.

The same holds true today as she posts favorable comments to herself to blunt the criticism from those who now know the truth.

I find one comment most interesting as it asks why the need for all of the sock accounts when she already has a “successful” blog.

The answer, of course is to create attention that would compel people to go to the blog for “the rest of the story.”

There is always a pattern behind the sock creation and how the stories wind up on the blog. She will try and write general stories as demonstrated on the blog today. She notices that she is not getting much attention to these so called ordinary stories and lo and behold, sock accounts soon appear attacking Kim, Levi or someone else.

This causes tempers to flare and soon the story winds up on her blog along with a large number of comments railing against the usual suspects behind the new sock accounts.

This cycle has gone on for years and nobody has been none the wiser, until a couple of months ago when most of the blog vanished.

The same thing happened to the  twitter account. She wiped it clean and started over. It was the ultimate cover up since most people could go back through the old blog and find the pattern for themselves.

The problem is that there are many out there that has the entire blog and twitter account archived. People do the same thing with my blogs and accounts. Everyone can go through the deleted blog portions to see the pattern for themselves and see how this fraud unfolded over the years.

At this point it really does not matter if she mounts a defense or not. People have seen the light. They understand that the sock accounts were meant to play people against each other.

Now that people have seen the light, perhaps the childish behavior will stop and we can all move on to more important matters such as Deric whose story had been set aside over the antics of the sock creator being exposed.

Stay tuned



It has been a little over a month since the big lie was exposed and the true creator of the countless number of sock accounts and the false dissent that led to both my supporters and those who are my critics to go down a long and dark road.

Because of this fraud, my temper got the better of me and I said and did things over the years that I now regret. I had false accusation after false accusation piled upon me and was trying to right these wrongs.

It now turns out that my haters were drawn into a battle due to a fraud by someone who remains unknown and anonymous. This coward hid behind her curtain of secrecy and played all of us against each other.

As is always the case, the truth eventually comes out and it was by the sock creators own doing. She made a big mistake and got caught.

It is there for time for me to formally apologize to each and every one of my critics that have been unfairly targeted by my efforts to defend my reputation.

We may never agree with each other and your criticism of me will most certainly continue. At least now our differences can be honest and out in the open without anyone barging in and playing us for fools.

Stay tuned



When the hearing concerning the latest violation of the court terms by Deric Lostutter convenes tomorrow, there will be a man there to witness everything.

He is a journalist, turned photographer and a journalist once again.

His name is Don Carpenter.

dontrip(C)Don Carpenter

Mr. Carpenter became best known for his coverage of the Big Red Rape case in Steubenville, Ohio. He was most interested in the actions of Deric Lostutter aka Kyanonymous and the involvement of other members of Anonymous as well as a number of social media celebrities who were active in trying to seek justice for Jane Doe and hoping to do something about the ever growing problem of date rape most frequently by teenage athletes.


Anyone who has followed the case and the actions of certain individuals and groups understand full well the role social media played in the case and the divisions that were created that last to this day.

Mr. Carpenter was not entirely pleased how things went and he said so in a recent post on Twitter.

He felt, however, that it was necessary for him to cover the court case of Deric Lostutter for he felt that Deric was at the center of a lot that went wrong during the case and in retrospect was the best and most appropriate person to cover this case to it’s conclusion.

There are a lot of us who will be viewing whatever content he places on the internet for it is he who is best to tell the tale of The United States of America vs Deric Lostutter.

Stay tuned


kycourtseal“It is not the beginning of the end, it is the end of the beginning” Those profound words best describe what will resume in Lexington, Ky less than 24 hours from now.

The hearing tomorrow is not about a high profile case of someone famous, Casey Anthony, for example or even the likes of Snowden.

The stakes, however are quite high. The first question to be answered is if the defendant, Deric Lostutter will lose his freedom because of his latest alleged violation of his probation and the  nature of that violation.

His violation was not as bad as his donation efforts, which are sure to be part of the proceedings but the more severe violation of harassing a woman and making threats against her.

The latter makes him a likely danger to society. Deric seems to realize the error of his ways since he seems to have “gone dark” since being notified of his latest violation and his requirement to be in court tomorrow.

If he is not remanded into the custody of the US Marshall’s service tomorrow, I will be surprised as well would be those who are following the situation closely.

Deric has been lucky so far so it will be interesting to see if his luck either holds out or runs out.

After tomorrow, things will begin in earnest as the jury is selected, motions are offered and heard and the way things will go forward as instructed by the judge are worked out.

By the end of this year, the fate of Deric will be known as well as the impact his case may well have on the CFAA. If he is found guilty, the federal government may feel it has the tools it needs to start bringing more defendants to justice and in the process deter others from going down this same path.

Stay tuned



It is sad that once again I have to write about this subject and once again about the person who caused me to do so.

Tim Holmseth has once again written an article about Jonbenet Ramsey’s murder and once again he has published a horrible image of her.

The question to ask here is why? What makes someone write such things and show these kinds of images.

The posting of the image is completely unnecessary and a sad way to remember such a remarkable child. People do all kinds of things to gain attention but something like this is downright disgusting and desperate.

I really wish those who support him to please ask him to have a sense of common decency and remove those images from his blog and Twitter account.

There are ways to bring forth his stories and ideas without resorting to this kind of disrespect shown to her and her survivors.

Enough is enough.

Stay tuned