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In a way I feel sorry for Astro for coming to the support of someone she hates as much as Kim. I am reminded of the many hours Astro and I spent in private chat going over time after time that Radio attacked her in the most cruel ways I have seen done on the internet.

“Someone” even impersonated her husband and created a sock demanding I leave his wife alone. Astro was the most upset at that.

I would suspect that now in their private communications Radio is turning the blame over to Kim for that stunt and many others.

On the accusation of a grand alliance between me and Kim.

Both Astro and Radio have it wrong. There is no grand alliance between me, Kim or the others. The differences we all have remain unsettled.

What has happened is that I UNILATERALLY decided to stop hostilities and wrote about Deric the way I did and with my own bias.

There were no secret deals nor were there any agreements to remove blogs or content in return for writing anything on my blog.

What is telling here is that my so called cease fire had included Radio. I had no intention of addressing the Sock situation any further.

It is Radio who is the ONLY one who is keeping this going. It is Radio who went on to further claim that Kim created even one hate sock and accused her of involving me in the creation of these socks.

All of these accusations come from Radio with no proof, of course. There is no phone number belonging to Kim being offered as proof that she created ANY sock.

Does Kim have multiple Twitter accounts? Yes, but like mine, everyone knows they belong to her and are identified as such.

I neither condone or condemn her creating these known accounts. They are her business.

What has always been the problem are the ANONYMOUS hate blogs and twitter accounts by a person or persons who refuse to take responsibility for what they create.

I do not hide behind sock accounts as much as Radio wishes she could prove that I do. I take responsibility for what I say or do, right or wrong.

I do not expect a quid pro quo from anyone. I went to Kim years ago for help and she refused. She gave me her reasons and even though I strongly disagree with those reasons to this day, I accepted them and moved on.

In closing Astro needs to remember this one important fact. Radio has made many accusations and statements against her without once offering any proof to back them up.

Once Radio is done with Astro she will be thrown to the wolves as she has done to the others. One only  has to remember the attacks by Radio against Michelle and others. The blogs about them may be gone but the archives are not.

Enjoy YOUR bread crumbs Astro unless it is you that becomes the meal.

Stay tuned