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I read your comment to your friend Jetty. While you seem to understand the situation when it comes to my critics you also seem to have been blind to the actions of your friend.

You might want to do some research of your friend Jetty as well. Be reminded of some of the things she accused me of and the actions she took.

Your friend Jetty is the one who posted that I hated my son. Your friend Jetty is the one who posted my son was not mine.

Your friend Jetty is the one who gave out the address of my residence (the wrong one by the way) and encouraged people to call the management of this mobile home parkĀ  to remind them “what kind of person I am.”

These incidents are but a small sample of Jetty’s actions, there are tons more she is guilty of.


Your friend Jetty is not honest and your friend is no seeker of the truth. Your friend is guilty of the things she accuses others of doing.


She seeks not the truth but to play games. She takes advantage of the disputes between me and my critics and plays us against each other.

She did so by creating sock accounts that one of the most successful and well known lawyers in my state has proven she was behind.


Don’t you find it rather odd that when your friend “took her little vacation” that the sock accounts attacking my critics in my name suddenly came to a screeching halt?

Did you also forget, by the way, that over three years of her blog vanished overnight as well as that of her twitter account, this all happening at an important period of time?

Or are you brainwashed by this friend of yours simply because she says the things you WANT to hear?

You may not be honest with me, but try being honest with yourself.

The truth is finally coming out about your friend weather you are willing to accept it or not.

As for the bread crumbs?

I feed them to my dog.

Stay tuned