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The reports from Don Carpenter have been coming fast and furious the second today’s hearing ended. Deric escaped prison once again being warned by the judge that the next time, it was off to the slammer for him.

Deric is supposed to have even more stringent restrictions lodged against him as he is no longer to crowdfund and has been given additional restrictions regarding the use of his cellphones.

Now for where things really get strange. A Twitter account was identified as belonging to Deric by the federal government according to what Don Carpenter posted on Twitter.


As reported by Don Carpenter, Deric is to turn over the the court, the information on all of his internet accounts including any sock accounts he has created.

Don Carpenter also reported that Deric wanted to speak but his lawyer kept him from doing so. It is expected that the new instructions and restrictions by the judge will be released in the next few days.

wutdenyThe strange part regarding the new sock account is that it is still active. One would guess that either Deric’s wife or someone who knows him is behind the account. Deric had better hope this is right or he would have violated the court even before he is out of the courthouse.


UPDATE: It now is being reported that DERIC admitted to the account in the civil lawsuit he filed:


I wonder if there is a fed someplace reading that same account as I write this.

Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

Stay tuned