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Federal court Judge Robert E Wier imposed more stringent restrictions against Deric Lostutter after he was found in violation of the terms of his pre trial release conditions.

Surprisingly his violation regarding his donation sites was comparatively minor according to the court transcript.


The major violation that triggered the imposition of the new restriction turned out to be his on line communication with a woman.  The court alleges that Deric threatened the woman with a lawsuit and criminal prosecution.


The court found that because his business comprises of investigation over the internet that he could not continue to engage in that business without further violating the court restrictions.

Deric has been ordered to find third party employment which means he can no longer be self employed at least until after the trial is over.


This will essentially put him out of business since he would not have the resources to maintain the expenses associated with running such a business.

The court made it clear that if Deric violates the orders again, he will be confined until the end of the trial and depending on the verdict, afterword.

Since the violation hearing, not one word has been heard from Deric,  his wife, or anyone associated with him.

Stay tuned