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Well it took a  bit longer than I expected. “Someone” decided to start yet another Sock/gossip account and this time target most of us. Of course, the speculation has started as just who it is behind this latest stunt.

I have my suspect, of course, but who the hell cares who it is?

It is obvious whoever started the account wants attention. It wants to be the replacement for the blog/Twitter combo that suddenly went dark just over a month ago.

It has to be noted that once that blog/twitter account combination went quiet, the generation of sock accounts all but vanished. Every once in a while one or two would crop up, but vanished once it was clear that people were getting bored with them and did not fall for the egging on attempt the socks were meant to start.

One other sock creator was outed by her temper tantrum that was concentrated on me and she has remained quiet as well.

The point is that for almost a month, there has been a relative and welcome calm on Twitter and elsewhere. People have moved on to their own lives and interests.

There are hopes that perhaps it can stay away and that this new sock learns an important. It is one thing to be a bit sarcastic and glib but it is quite another to try and start shit and try and get people warring with each other.

If such a thing is attempted, I am hoping people on various sides of past disputes will not allow themselves to get played once again forcing this new troll to fade away in obscurity.

The simple fact of the matter is nobody SHOULD care who it is. It is a waste of time to speculate about the identity of and I for one will not. Knowing the identity of a troll means nothing.

I am reminded of some words expressed by someone a  while back :

“Welp, let’s just say the internet sucks.”

Truer words were never spoken.

Stay  tuned