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“And now” as Paul Harvey used to say “for the rest of the story.” There is another part of the Deric Lostutter saga that has not been getting widespread attention of late and that is the part that a man by the name of Noah McHugh of Alexandria Virginia is alleged to have played in the hack of the Steubenville Ohio sports related website.

Known on Twitter as @JustBatcat, Mr McHugh is alleged to have been the one who actually hacked the private website that also caused Deric Lostutter aka @Kyanonymous and part of the Anonymous hive Knightsec to be arrested and charged with 4 felony violations related to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Within the debates about Deric and his donations efforts was the widespread opinion that @JustBatcat was the one who did all of the work and that Derick simply took the credit for what he did.

@JustBatcat was said to have used a hacking method known as social engineering to guess the log in information to gain the unauthorized access to the website and email account.

Deric is said to have then gone into the website and  obtained this information and committed the crimes for which he now scheduled to stand trial for.

Unlike Deric who has been seeking donations on at least two separate websites, there has been no information of @Batcat doing anything close to that.

In fact, unlike Deric, @JustBatcat seems to have remained mostly silent and faded into obscurity until his guilty plea recently became known.

What has happened is that Noah McHugh plead guilty to one misdemeanor count of accessing a computer without authorization.

He faces a maximum of one year in prison and a fine of $100,000.

He is expected to appear in court in December to be sentenced.

He is considered more of a hero in some circles and Deric the the bad guy because many consider what Deric has been doing and is doing far worse.

What caused me to write this article is a post I saw this evening on Twitter asking for links to any support or donation page for @Justbatcat.

askbatcatIt seems that there might be a movement to set up a donation account for @JustBatcat presumably to cover any fine that might be levied against him and any other purpose or reason whomever sets up the donation account deems appropriate .

As of this writing, I do not know if such a plan is being set in motion or not. I will do a follow up if any such effort is made.

Stay tuned