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Monthly Archives: September 2016


Well it took a  bit longer than I expected. “Someone” decided to start yet another Sock/gossip account and this time target most of us. Of course, the speculation has started as just who it is behind this latest stunt.

I have my suspect, of course, but who the hell cares who it is?

It is obvious whoever started the account wants attention. It wants to be the replacement for the blog/Twitter combo that suddenly went dark just over a month ago.

It has to be noted that once that blog/twitter account combination went quiet, the generation of sock accounts all but vanished. Every once in a while one or two would crop up, but vanished once it was clear that people were getting bored with them and did not fall for the egging on attempt the socks were meant to start.

One other sock creator was outed by her temper tantrum that was concentrated on me and she has remained quiet as well.

The point is that for almost a month, there has been a relative and welcome calm on Twitter and elsewhere. People have moved on to their own lives and interests.

There are hopes that perhaps it can stay away and that this new sock learns an important. It is one thing to be a bit sarcastic and glib but it is quite another to try and start shit and try and get people warring with each other.

If such a thing is attempted, I am hoping people on various sides of past disputes will not allow themselves to get played once again forcing this new troll to fade away in obscurity.

The simple fact of the matter is nobody SHOULD care who it is. It is a waste of time to speculate about the identity of and I for one will not. Knowing the identity of a troll means nothing.

I am reminded of some words expressed by someone a  while back :

“Welp, let’s just say the internet sucks.”

Truer words were never spoken.

Stay  tuned



I have had my own reasons over the years to question content on the internet and where I think something is off. I try and either prove or debunk what I see.

I had the feeling something was off with Deric’s donation account and decided to do a bit of research. One of the first things I noticed as in the beginning, most of his  individual donation amounts were fairly small. The average donation amount was no more than $25.00

Then after a while the individual donation amounts started to grow in size. There are a total of 246 donations as of this writing. The first 200 or so donation amounts stayed below $100.00

There also started to be a growing number of anonymous donations as well. This alone is not that unusual since people might not want to be the subject of trolling because they chose to support Deric’s cause.


Below are the first few amounts at his donation site. Note the amounts compared to the amounts above.


What was unusual was that the individual donation amounts have gotten quite large, over $100.00 to $250. at times. Recently, however, there has been a donation of $500.00 and $1000.00.

It was these two donations that raised my scam alert alarm to full blast. I asked myself who in the hell would give a thousand dollars to a complete stranger simply because he is accused of breaking into a small sports website to steal some photos and emails?

I can understand that perhaps someone, a close family member or supporter may give a larger amount but who the hell would give him $500.00 let alone $1000.00?

I also decided to ask around to some friends who know how these donation sites work and how someone could enter phony donation pledges if they wanted to.

It turns out that it is fairly easy to do. I will not get into detail here  but most people out there could figure this out. The key is how the donation amounts are entered and how the funds are paid.

At this time I cannot prove that Deric or someone else is playing games with that donation site but I can ask for people to use some common sense.

I challenge those who read here to do their own research. Pretend that you own a donation site and you wanted to inflate the donation amounts in order to trick people into either donating when they would otherwise not do so or donate larger amounts since “everyone else is doing so.”

You just might be surprised how easy it is.

Stay tuned



“And now” as Paul Harvey used to say “for the rest of the story.” There is another part of the Deric Lostutter saga that has not been getting widespread attention of late and that is the part that a man by the name of Noah McHugh of Alexandria Virginia is alleged to have played in the hack of the Steubenville Ohio sports related website.

Known on Twitter as @JustBatcat, Mr McHugh is alleged to have been the one who actually hacked the private website that also caused Deric Lostutter aka @Kyanonymous and part of the Anonymous hive Knightsec to be arrested and charged with 4 felony violations related to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Within the debates about Deric and his donations efforts was the widespread opinion that @JustBatcat was the one who did all of the work and that Derick simply took the credit for what he did.

@JustBatcat was said to have used a hacking method known as social engineering to guess the log in information to gain the unauthorized access to the website and email account.

Deric is said to have then gone into the website and  obtained this information and committed the crimes for which he now scheduled to stand trial for.

Unlike Deric who has been seeking donations on at least two separate websites, there has been no information of @Batcat doing anything close to that.

In fact, unlike Deric, @JustBatcat seems to have remained mostly silent and faded into obscurity until his guilty plea recently became known.

What has happened is that Noah McHugh plead guilty to one misdemeanor count of accessing a computer without authorization.

He faces a maximum of one year in prison and a fine of $100,000.

He is expected to appear in court in December to be sentenced.

He is considered more of a hero in some circles and Deric the the bad guy because many consider what Deric has been doing and is doing far worse.

What caused me to write this article is a post I saw this evening on Twitter asking for links to any support or donation page for @Justbatcat.

askbatcatIt seems that there might be a movement to set up a donation account for @JustBatcat presumably to cover any fine that might be levied against him and any other purpose or reason whomever sets up the donation account deems appropriate .

As of this writing, I do not know if such a plan is being set in motion or not. I will do a follow up if any such effort is made.

Stay tuned


I happened to be watching the news reports about the teenager in Columbus, Ohio who was shot by police after pulling a bb gun and pointing it at them. According to reports, the gun looked exactly like the kind the police uses.

The teenagers name was Tyree King. He was 13.


Now, in June of 2015, a teenager was run over by a pickup truck in Columbus, Ohio. There is a report that the driver tried to haul the teenager’s body away from his truck.

The teenagers name was Tyree King. He was 13.

Stay tuned



I was finally able to get the complete letter sent to Deric regarding his complaint to the Florida bar. It details the specifics of what his complaint was.



The Florida bar made it clear in no uncertain terms that if he has any issues with Kim Pickazio, he needs to do so in Civil court and not through the Florida bar.

Stay tuned



This seems to be another day for unexpected document dumps. I have been following  a complaint made against Fl Atty Kim Picazio by Deric recently.

The Florida Bar recently answered him stating:




John F Harkness

Executive Director

The Florida Bar Association

It seems that Deric is having a bad day today.

Stay tuned


ncsecOver the past few days, there is still more criticism of Deric’s various fund raising efforts. Now there has been a question raised: “Is Deric meeting the requirements of the states where he resides when it comes to seeking donations even if the funds are for himself or his defense?”

The majority of those following his story are answering with a resounding NO!

The basis for this answer lies in the regulations stipulated in the state website:

Where Deric or anyone who is acting on his behalf falls in this requirement is best left up to those familiar with the regulations.

Anyone concerned with the legality of what Deric or anyone acting for him is doing could always contact the regulator to either confirm his right to do so or to report any violation he or his representatives are engaged in:


Will this question result in new problems for Deric?

Stay Tuned




Just a brief observation. I seemed to have missed something when I reviewed the documents cited in my article yesterday.

The hearing on the 21st may not have to do with the donation website, but rather,  with another violation that Deric is alleged to have made.

Do remember that he is alleged to have had a rather heated text session with a woman who owned a business and is alleged to have threatened her with a lawsuit.

It is likely this latest incident that is the primary reason for the new hearing.

The rebuttal filed by Deric’s atty is likely to answer the prior violation and it was a coincidence that it was filed at the same time the hearing for the new violation was filed with the court by the probation officer.

We should know the answers for certain, next Thursday.

Stay tuned


oppositionRight after I posted the prior article, I got another document dump. Deric’s lawyer has filed a rebuttal. What follows is first the hearing order and then the defense rebuttal:



Next week should be quite interesting.

Stay tuned



hearingnoticeAnother countdown to the loss of freedom of Deric begins as the court issues the following notice today regarding the latest chapter in the Deric Lostutter saga:

“09/14/201626 ORDER as to Deric Lostutter: The Court SCHEDULES a hearing to address the alleged bond violations on 9/21/2016 at 1:30 PM in LEXINGTON before Magistrate Judge Robert E. Wier. Dft Lostutter SHALL personally appear with counsel. In the interim, the Court bars Dft from use of or access to the Internet and any electronic communication device or mechanism except to contact COR, USP or any immediate family or household member. Dft shall have no contact of any type with the subject involved in listed violation no. 2. USP shall send a copy of the Violation Report to defense counsel. Signed by Magistrate Judge Robert E. Wier on September 14, 2016. (AWD) cc: COR,USM,USP,D (Entered: 09/14/2016)”

While Deric was not arrested immediately, like some speculated, he might wind up being behind bars after the hearing. The Judge is not likely to be happy what he may hear during that hearing and he may well revoke the bond.

Stay tuned